NFT BAZL Partners with Binance NFT and Decentraland, Announces Partnership Expansion with SLS Hotels

Following success during Miami Art Week, NFT BAZL will setup first of its kind, permanent virtual gallery in the Metaverse and develop an NFT strategy for SLS

World’s first physical and digital NFT marketplace and solution NFT BAZL has partnered with the most popular crypto exchange Binance’s NFT marketplace and the largest Metaverse entity Decentraland. Through these partnerships, NFT BAZL and Binance NFT offered digital art pieces for sale at SLS Hotels in Miami and streamed the event in Decentraland during Miami Art Week. Now, the NFT BAZL team will create a permanent virtual art gallery for high-end NFTs in the Metaverse.

Resulting from successful collaboration in Miami, NFT BAZL has been invited to consult the SLS hotel group to conceptualize their own NFT strategy and follow its mission to bridge the physical world with the emerging digital world.

“Our amazing partnership with SLS South Beach and SLS Brickell helped us merge digital and physical art and bring it to traditional investors and collectors during Miami Art Week. We displayed over $3 million worth of art and had an absolutely sold-out event, which was streamed live by our partner Decentraland. We are now expanding this partnership with them and setting up a permanent NFT gallery in the Metaverse,” said NFT BAZL Co-Founder Raoul Milhado.

“NFT BAZL collaboration with SLS hotels, our Exclusive NFTs that we are now offering to their guests have raised a lot of awareness about these unique digital art collections. Now we are working on a long-term NFT strategy at the request of the SLS hotel group,” said NFT BAZL Co-Founder Ori Ohayon.

This year’s third NFT BAZL in Miami exhibited mural paintings, physical and digital art masterpieces, as well as first-ever NFT chips that tie digital tokens to physical pieces of art and collectible memorabilia. Holograms were created and over 1,000 VIP visitors were able to feel the amazing effects of the Unique VR Experiences tech. Additionally, SLS hotel guests can now streamline the NFT purchase process from the comfort of their guest rooms.

The exhibit included a live art creation by Kasseus, whose work is a fusion of the auditory and visual experience. He explores seduction in advertising, brand obsession, and excessive consumerism and invites attendees into his process of creating and redefining what it means to experience art. Also featured were works by Warbb, a Netherlands-based digital artist whose talents, creativity, and mastery of technical digital art programs and applications set him apart in the NFT space. Other art pieces were from ZMK, Abhay Sehgal, Jisbar, and Andre Monet, whose works can be recognized by the unique assemblage of color, textures, text, and eccentricity that create highly coveted artistic pieces. The 3rd NFT BAZL was sponsored by Polinate, Swing Tea, Hitpiece, Superworld, Wall Street Bulls,, Virse SuperWorld and

In October, NFT BAZL Dubai partnered with Samsung to hold an event attended by over 400 VIP guests. In June, the inaugural NFT BAZL event took place at Miami’s prestigious Temple House.

In June, first in history NFT BAZL in Miami featured over 100 unique physical and digital works, two of which were exclusive NFTs offered by none other than all-time boxing great Floyd Mayweather, Jr. A several hour-long set by prominent Dutch DJs during the show was streamed in Decentraland.


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