Samir Vig Opens Doors to Venture Capital Education on The BARE Ventures Podcast

Samir Vig plans on influencing the venture capital ecosystem on The BARE Ventures Podcast

Samir Vig plans on influencing the venture capital ecosystem an episode at a time on The BARE Ventures Podcast - Powered by Mission Matters

Samir Vig, Founder and CEO of BARE Ventures, launches The BARE Ventures Podcast, a series focused on the venture capital asset class, opportunities for investors, and insights into the market. As the venture capital industry can be difficult to break into or access, Samir’s experience led him to a conclusion: the market needed a better way to navigate and learn.

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In the first episode of the series he reveals the goal of the emerging podcast, projected to capture the interests of audiences who want to learn more about the world of venture capital. Many listeners will be new to venture investing and are looking to build a strong foundation of knowledge to build from.

“I thought the time was now to really try to educate the market to learn more about the industry,” the host states. “In this podcast series I will cover many of the topics that come up in regular conversation…”

BARE Ventures, the company and background.

With almost a decade of venture capital experience under his belt, it is safe to say that this expert knows what he is talking about. As the founder and Managing Partner of BARE Ventures, a venture capital investment firm with a unique hybrid fund of funds and direct investment model, Samir Vig prepares the answers to our questions in podcast form.

The Focuses of The BARE Venture Podcast episodes and influence.

From the fundamentals, such as lingo within the industry, to the more complex topics, like narrowing down the right strategies, the mission is simple for Samir. “My goal, really, is for anyone listening to better understand the venture capital landscape,” he states.
The series welcomes any and all topics of interest, questions or general feedback from the general public. This gesture allows listeners a chance to be an active part of The BARE Ventures Podcast.


Bringing together founder, operator and investor experience, BARE Ventures as a firm strives for a well-balanced approach to fund management. With an institutional investment background, BARE Ventures focuses on proven traditional methodologies combined with emerging learnings in the ever-changing venture capital landscape.

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