Digital PR Expert Rene Perras Talks About How to Issue A Press Release on Subject Matter Experts Podcast

The KISS PR Subject Matter Experts Podcast featured an interview with Rene Perras, Digital PR Advisor.

In this interview on December 30, 2021, Rene Perras talks with KISS PR about the growing importance of digital PR and how to issue a press release that wires will accept so it can help businesses achieve desired ROI from their PR communication.

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Podcast host Qamar Zaman recently interviewed Rene Perras, a leading digital PR expert, on the first podcast called Subject Matter Experts by KISS PR.

Perras uses his analogy from decades of experience, which he now applies to digital press communication. During the subject matter experts podcast hosted by KISS PR's Qamar Zaman, Canadian entrepreneur Rene Perras discussed the importance of the 5 W's of PR when writing press releases.

Rene also went on to explain the importance of digital PR in the age of search engines and social media and stressed the importance of “search intent” and how businesses can leverage PR using news and press announcements in a manner that will be acceptable to the newsrooms and big wires who submit these press announcements.

Subject matter podcast host Qamar Zaman also asked Rene how agencies can take proper documentation from their clients prior to releasing any kind of news announcement.

About Digital PR Advisory of Rene Perras

Rene Perras born in Canada, now a Jupiter Florida resident president of Cepac and involved in the day to day activities of managing his consulting firm, since June of 1987, has always been a disruptive entrepreneur in the marketplace. He met and married his wife in Montreal, a first generation American born Indian whose family emigrated from Hyderabad over fifty years ago to the US. He’s always been interested in finding inventive ways to streamline businesses and law firm operations, making them more effective and efficient. Lawyer SEO and digital marketing consultant Rene Perras specializes in PR advisory to many law firms and public companies.

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Hosted by Qamar Zaman of KISS PR a digital marketing agency that helps companies large and small in the area of website design, SEO, conversion rate optimization and digital public relations.

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