Jinx from Arcane Starts a Photography Studio with Christopher C. Lee in KonnichiHannah's Viral Fanart!


Renowned San Francisco photographer Christopher C. Lee and digital artist KonnichiHannah team up to create a fanart paying homage to League of Legends: Arcane and its popular character: Jinx!

Riot Games's popular game, League of Legends, has served as inspiration for artists worldwide to create stunning fanart works. For years, League of Legends has provided an excellent source of game and art references, and now it's a top streaming animated series on Netflix in the form of “League of Legends: Arcane”.


Christopher C. Lee is a professional San Francisco Photographer and a fan of the show Arcane.

Lee is certified through the Professional Photographers of America and the New York Institute of Photography. His portfolio includes collaboration with a plethora of tech and fashion companies in photography and videography projects.

He is also the founder of production company Photomochi Studio, which follows his passion for creative imagery. He has a degree in computer science and a background in cinematography, where he uses his combined talents to create visually stunning imagery for branding and social media marketing.

He recently met Hannah (Instagram handle @konnichihannah), a very talented digital artist with extensive experience with character design, painting, and concept art, hailing from Canada.

Hannah is also a big fan of Arcane and loves to make fanart for such shows and games through her artwork on Instagram.

Lee approached Hannah to create a digital painting of him and Jinx together as photographer characters of their original selves. In this gorgeous fanart of Jinx from Arcane, she is shown converting her underground hideout from the slums surrounding the city of “Piltover”, into a professional production studio! Jinx, who normally wields a cornucopia of deadly weapons, is depicted here upgrading a camera for Christopher with her skills as a genius inventor. Her iconic graffiti is shown in the background along with a variety of studio equipment.

The fan art depicts a "what could have been" scenario if Jinx turned to a life of art instead. The artwork has gone viral on Instagram and draws great admiration from the Arcane fanbase.

Christopher C. Lee's collaboration with Hannah is wondrous and he loves the artwork dearly.

He says, "Hannah has successfully captured the ambiance and symbolism of Arcane, as well as Jinx herself, creating a piece that's not only appealing as a standalone work, but also as relating to my photography studio!"

Hannah enjoyed collaborating with Chris as well - she explains:

"I think working with Chris was good. He was a client that knew exactly what he wanted while still giving me creative freedom - which is the best kind of person to work with.

Things get done fast, and the direction he gave was very clear and detailed.

Any revisions made were always within bounds and accommodating to the current stage of the artwork."

Hannah has previously completed commissioned works for Netflix, Nick Jr., Nickelodeon, and Mattel.

After leaving studio work about two years ago, now she operates as a freelancer, splitting her time between Tokyo and Toronto while working on content for Twitch and other clients.

Christopher C. Lee and Hannah - two artists with a passion for League of Legends: Arcane, have come together to create something truly unique.

The painting is a creative piece that captures the essence of Jinx in all her glory while also paying homage to the popular Netflix series.

To learn more about Christopher C. Lee, his photographer portfolio is here: https://www.chrisclee.com

For Hannah (konnichihannah), her portfolios can be seen here:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/konnichihannah

ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/hannahk

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/haynurs

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/konnichihannah

Media Contact:


San Francisco, CA

(415) 275-1448

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