Will Tesla 4680 Battery Be THE END Of Solid State Battery - Watch Video

Will Tesla 4680 Battery Be THE END Of Solid State Battery - Watch Video

Tesla 4680 Battery Will Be THE END Of Solid State Battery According To Elon Musk

Now that we have Tesla 4680 Battery is in production, a big question on many people minds is, will the Tesla 4680 Battery perform better than the Solid State Battery?

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Tesla 4680 Battery | Elon Musk | Tesla | Battery Day | Tabless Battery

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In a single update, Tesla's new battery, unveiled at its Battery Day event last year, offers so many new features. Tesla battery engineers have eliminated the tabs that connect the cathode and anode layers to the positive and negative terminals in addition to increasing the physical size of the battery cells from 2170 to 4680.

Tesla holds a unique position in the electric vehicle industry when it comes to manufacturing. Tesla, the most vertically integrated company in the auto industry, can improve any part of its vehicles or the manufacturing process to make it more affordable and efficient. That is what Tesla accomplished with its new, revolutionary tabless batteries, which it will use in its future electric vehicles.

What was the purpose of the tabless battery for Tesla?

At Tesla's Battery Day event last year, the company announced a new tabless battery. Tesla's endeavor was not merely an academic exercise; it was borne out of a specific need.

Tesla, like other battery manufacturers, had been buying batteries from suppliers that used proprietary chemistry and structures. This worked well for Tesla up until Elon Musk discovered that its battery supply chain could cause problems in the future.

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