KISS PR Crypto News Distribution Educates & Writes Blockchain Press Release Distribution Services Reaching Large Wires

The Kiss PR Crypto News Distribution Company Educates and Writes Blockchain Press Releases that are Reached to Large Wires

These days, information can travel around the world at the speed of light thanks to technology, but reaching an audience that cares about that information can still take time and money. For example, if you're a blockchain startup, getting coverage from large news sites can be expensive and difficult because they are inundated with press releases from different startups every day. This is where Kiss PR comes in - we help you get your blockchain press release on those sites without needing to pay the high cost of advertising there or dealing with their long-lead times.

Getting started with cryptocurrency press release distribution

Once you’ve written your release, you’ll want to get it in front of as many relevant crypto news sites as possible. This is where Kiss PR’s crypto distribution team can help. We offer press release and content distribution services, allowing you to target thousands of alt-coin related websites with a single press release. Through our network of platforms across every vertical and country, we can reach more cryptocurrency news outlets than ever before. And because we have relationships with top influencers at these sites, your stories will be shared by some of the most influential voices in alt-coin journalism.

What to Look for in a Good Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Press Release Service Provider

There are several features you should look for in a good cryptocurrency press release distribution service provider. Among these features are The ability to distribute your news releases via major wire services such as Bloomberg, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and others;

The ability to distribute your news releases via industry-specific media outlets such as Bitcoin Magazine, CoinTelegraph, Bitcoinist and others;

  • A team of highly qualified and experienced writers who can write about your products or services in an interesting way that would appeal to both readers and journalists alike;

  • A professional-looking website with detailed information about their services including packages offered and prices charged;

  • A well-developed social media presence (i.e., Facebook page) that is used to promote their clients' press releases;

  • Prompt customer support through email or phone calls.

KissPR’s Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Press Release Distribution Service

This service provides a quick, easy way to reach cryptocurrency news distribution. Along with paying for press release distribution services in Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency, KissPR also supports other ALT coins like Ethereum, Litecoin and others. The team has been involved in digital currency since 2012 and understands what it takes to get news about your project across dozens of media outlets worldwide.

How We Will Help You Achieve Your Goals Through Our Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Press Release Service

KISS PR Crypto, a team of crypto journalists and writers, are here to help you achieve your goals. Our rates are cheaper than our competitors, and we can get your releases sent out over all major news wires - such as AP, Bloomberg, Reuters etc. We have a combined social reach of over 1 million people across all platforms: Facebook; Twitter; Reddit; Linkedin; Telegram channels.

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