Renowned Learning Coach Gregg Goodhart Helps Music Enthusiasts Overcome Stage Fright and Embarrassment

Renowned Learning Coach Gregg Goodhart

Based on cognitive science research, Gregg Goodhart helps aspiring musicians and accomplished instructors reach their biggest musical dreams.

If we examine the natural gifts of the highest achievers in society today, the most important factors that accelerate progress are often overlooked. Because of this, many people think that they must only rely on their innate abilities to achieve success. But according to leading learning coach Gregg Goodhart, this is NOT correct.

If you believe the myth that you need to be born with a certain amount of talent to succeed, you’ll inevitably get disappointed, frustrated, and potentially suffer from mental health problems later in life. However, based on Goodhart’s cognitive science-backed research, talent is not a prerequisite for success at any level, regardless of whether you aspire to get good grades in school, master performing onstage, or beat your competitors in sports. Rather, his research and years of helping countless students master their practice show that it’s more about how you learn rather than practicing over and over… and over, which leads to burnout and exhaustion.

Like many music lovers around the world, Gregg once had a big dream to play guitar in a famous rock band when he was young. But after investing in several degrees in music, learning from the best music instructors, buying the best quality musical instruments, and spending endless hours practicing for many years, he still wasn’t satisfied. This caused him to shift his attention to enroll in music school and get a master’s degree in classical music performance, and eventually run a music program at a high school where he tried numerous ways to help students learn faster, better, and with more precision than anyone else they knew. He didn’t stop until he figured out what was missing between those who perfect their performances, and those who keep trying but never “make it.”

"I help creatives, musicians, academics, and athletes overcome stage fright, embarrassment, and disappointment by using simple yet revolutionary science-backed solutions so they can perform in the way they want, whenever they want, and get results beyond their wildest expectations," says Gregg Goodhart.

As a result of his relentless commitment to debunking why talent is so overrated, he invented a new type of masterclass that he calls a Practiclass. These classes have his audience raving on how he’s taught them techniques that delivered results that they’d been striving for their entire life… in a matter of weeks. The classes aren’t limited to musicians, but help anyone in any industry or topic gain confidence, move beyond plateaus, and stop feeling weighed down by the thought that it takes ages to learn something… because it doesn’t. As a respected expert in behavioral psychology and mindset verticals, Gregg’s dedication to being the best source of information, quality discussion, and resources about how to enjoy learning again serves as another way to help students overcome stage fright and anxiety, as he’s skilled enough to correct someone’s lifelong problems in front of a live audience in a matter of minutes.

Since Gregg himself has faced many struggles, he knows how infuriating it can be. But he always says, “Don’t give up, there’s always a solution. You can be a relaxed and skilled performer while making your anxiety disappear for good if you have the right strategies… but none of this is taught in schools yet.” His goal is to ensure that everyone is given the correct instruction and routinely applies it to the problems they’re trying to resolve so that they can see continual improvements. He guarantees that there are ways to fix ongoing failures with only a few modifications that make achieving massive results in less time attainable. For more information, check out his website:

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