Google Helpful Content Update September 05, 2022 SEM RUSH Sensor Data Compiled by SEO Team at KISS PR

Google Content SERP Volatility Update as Per SEM RUSH Sensor – September 05, 2022 - By SEO Expert Qamar Zaman

SERP volatility scores across multiple categories are average except for News. The latest SEM RUSH Sensor data as of September 05, 2022, shows News as the sole loser today despite a score improvement.

Dallas, TX - As Google's helpful content update nears the completion of its roll-out this week, Qamar Zaman, CEO of digital marketing company KISS PR, has shared his insights on what this algorithm change has truly accomplished since it started rolling out.

“Based on the data we saw, there are not many changes regarding rankings,” Zaman shared. “The SERP volatility in the past couple of weeks hasn’t shown steep curves, which means that, unlike past algorithm changes, this one hasn’t penalized many web pages,” Zaman concluded.

If there are any changes, they are mainly to some websites getting more impressions.

Morgan Gao, a Twitter user, shared that his website impressions doubled in the past two days.

“Impressions have been doubled twice in the last two days. Yet I have not added more pages. Guess Google finally caught up?? Is this pattern normal?” Gao tweeted.

Zaman and his team believe it is due to Google's helpful content update. Gao’s website gets rewarded, thus the increase in impressions.

“This improvement is reflected on the latest SERP volatility data from SEM RUSH Sensor,” said Zaman.

According to Zaman, the SERP volatility scores across all categories, even in the News category, have improved.

To get a better understanding of how normal SERP volatility today is, Zaman encourages website owners to take a look at the categories ranked according to their SERP volatility scores.

The top 10 categories as of September 5, 2022, are News, Sports, Arts & Entertainment, Shopping, Business & Industrial, Games, Home & Garden, Internet & Telecom, Beauty & Fitness, and Finance.

Rank 1: News

News SERP volatility score is 1.4 lower compared to yesterday. Despite this improvement, News still has the worst SERP volatility score among all categories because this score means many web pages have changed ranking positions.

Rank 2: Sports

Today’s SERP volatility score in this category is 0.9 lower than yesterday's. Sports 5.1 volatility score yesterday was one of its worst in the past couple of days. Still, it recovers today and gets back to its normal range.

Rank 3: Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment’s SERP volatility score today has improved compared to yesterday's performance, it is 1.0 lower.

Rank 4: Shopping

Today’s SERP volatility score for Shopping is 1.0 lower compared to yesterday. After the Google helpful content update, there’s no significant ranking difference among websites under this category.

Rank 5: Business & Industrial

This category’s SERP volatility score was 1.4 lower than its score yesterday. Same with Shopping, there is no significant negative change in rankings since the Google helpful content roll-out started.

Rank 6: Games

Its SERP volatility score is 1.2 lower compared to yesterday. And same with other categories, it seems like gaming websites are not negatively affected yet by the Google helpful content update.

Rank 7: Home & Garden

Its SERP volatility score is 1.1 lower compared to yesterday. This category maintains a good score after the roll-out of the Google helpful content update.

Rank 8: Internet & Telecom

Internet & Telecom’s SERP volatility score today is 1.6 lower than yesterday. Same with the other categories, it seems like the Google helpful content update does not negatively impact it.

Rank 9: Beauty & Fitness

Beauty & Fitness is another category with no significant SERP volatility activity in the past twelve days. Its score today is 1.6 lower compared to yesterday.

Rank 10: Finance

Finance has a stable SERP volatility score as it didn’t go beyond 3.7 since the roll-out of the Google helpful content update. Its score today is 1.8 lower compared to yesterday.

With all the SERP volatility scores considered, Zaman said that it is safe to conclude that, so far, Google helpful content update hasn’t negatively affected a considerable number of websites.

This is also what SEO Roundtable reported in their latest poll, which shows that only 20% of website owners who participated in their survey noticed ranking changes after the roll-out of Google’s helpful content update.

With the minimal changes in rankings, Gianluca Fiorelli, a Twitter user, shared his SEO conspiracy theory.

“SEO conspiracy theory on. What if the Helpful Update, now almost at its 2 weeks of roll-out, nothing was a replica of the Mobilegeddon of 2015/16? A trick by Google to push everybody cleaning the content they created along the years fearing for the flame of the Balrog?” Fiorelli tweeted.

On the other hand, Zaman and his team are still keeping a close watch if something noticeable will happen in the SERP volatility scores across all categories this week. So far, as the data suggested, they are quite optimistic about what this week’s data will look like.

Disclaimer. The above data is public information and available from SEMRush Serp Sensor. The author shares the data to provide information on the Google content update.

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