Keeping retainers fresh just got cool! Cleaner, faster and fresher.

Retainer Fresh is excited to announce the launch of Retainer Cleaning Tablets in a 4 month box. Our tablets to clean retainers form an essential part of a daily dental appliance cleaning program.

Retainer Fresh 4-month supply Retainer Cleaner Tablets provide quick 15-minute cleaning of aligners, retainers and clear braces. Removing over 99.9% of odour causing bacteria and stains and keeping your retainer brite. Easy to use just pop one tablet in water daily and place your appliance in the water to clean retainers.

Massive value 4-month box

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Some common issues with Aligners is something we (lovingly) call a lack of appliance compliance. Without proper, regular cleansing, aligners smell bad...disgusting, actually. They also turn yellow more quickly than you'd us, a "gold" smile isn't as cool as it sounds. Cleaning aligners used to be time consuming and people just stopped doing it. And other appliances, like night guards, mouth guards and retainers, are meant to last way longer than aligners. This makes cleaning them even more important!

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We recommend using Retainer Fresh retainer tablet cleaner once a day (or as needed) in the morning when you brush your teeth and have breakfast. That means your aligners spend more time in your mouth and less time in your bathroom. Retainer Fresh retainer cleaner tablets kills 99% of the 17 most common bacteria, yeast, and mould, leaving your aligner fresh and your mouth healthy. Retainer Fresh is specially formulated for all oral devices, including clear aligners and retainers, night guards and sports guards.

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About Retainer Fresh

Retainer Fresh is a fresh UK company making waves in the dental appliance aligner cleaner market. The products are marketed to both the UK and EU marketplaces. Born out of the necessity to find a good quality reliable braces cleaner tablet specifically formulated and made for clear aligners & retainers.

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