Committer of Audio Atrocities "Klowniac" releases "1 Red Balloon"


TikTok sensation and self-described “Committer of Audio Atrocities” drops new single.

Klowniac is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, performer, and viral TikTok sensation (reaching just over 4 million views and 50,000 followers.) that is challenging the music industry and peoples perception with its controversial clown like appearance and sinister sounds; showing viewers and listeners alike that you can’t judge anything just by how it looks.

Self-described “Committer of Audio Atrocities” and "Klown" themed artist, Klowniac, has used the sound of popping balloons to create an ear worm that is not only catchy but a simple solution and call to action for all the people tired of dealing with negativity online.

The song 1 Red Balloon is a different kind of "rage music" that encourages listeners to be comfortable with who they are. To not let the haters get you down and to shine regardless of what others say is not only the moral of this track, but a virtue that listeners can carry with them long after the song is over. It's about taking back your power, your time, and your energy. Sad sick people do sad sick things and just because they direct that attention towards you doesn't mean you have to actively engage with them. Instead of giving them the time of day with an argument or proper response try giving them one red balloon.

Listen on Spotify.

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