Indoor Air at the Workplace: Who is Responsible?

Indoor Air at the Workplace: Who is Responsible?

How often do you think about indoor air? Perhaps you've given thought about outdoor air pollution, but have you ever considered indoor air quality?

With nearly 90% of our time spent indoors, it's time to start paying attention to indoor air.

So let's talk about it! Have you ever thought about the indoor air you breathe at work? How can workplaces & organizations better tackle this issue?

"The Chief Airgonomics Officer initiative (CAO) calls on organizations across the globe to take 100% accountability for the indoor air people breathe. The brand-new initiative prompts organizations to act by appointing Chief Airgonomics Officers (CAOs) who will be The Voice of Clean Air at their workspace. Inspired by the study of ergonomics, the newly coined term Airgonomics refers to the burgeoning discipline that seeks to maximize the benefits of healthy air for the protection of people, processes, and the planet.

The CAO initiative shares the vision of realizing universal access to clean, healthy, and sustainable environments and is taking its first steps to bring this to life by first tackling indoor air quality (IAQ) at workplaces. The initiative has a long-term vision of forging a global movement to ensure access to clean indoor air everywhere.

Nearly every facet of operating a company has a person in charge – from the HR director who drives the talent strategy to the CEO who provides the overall direction of business operations. Yet, despite the direct impact of air on people’s health, well-being and productivity, IAQ continues to be treated as an afterthought."

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