TERUM, World’s First Eco Social App Closed $500k Seed Round

GrnMeta Inc will use the funds to expand into new markets and build its flagship app according to its statement.

TERUM app made by GrnMeta Inc is a social app made by environmentalists in efforts to save the planet, recently secured $500k in a seed funding round.

The idea of TERUM app originated when the team realized that most people on Earth will continue to ignore this calamity, which made them realize that they needed to take action by themselves for change to happen.

With the TERUM app, it will connect users locally and globally to build communities that share the same vision. Users can share their passion and valuable information through content and connection. The TERUM community calls to inspire action through education and encouraging simple steps and small activities such as recycling, or choosing non-plastic products that users can easily integrate into their daily routine.

As such, the app has features that allows people to become a green influencer, provide daily reminders to help make the world greener, and also to read reviews on certain products and services in order to find sustainable alternatives and recommendations with little effort.

TERCOINS will be earned by organizations and individuals through challenges and activities aligned with sustainability and regenerative living, giving everybody a chance to access sustainable products.

Their mission is to build the world’s largest social platform to educate, inspire and raise the bar for the planet. “Using the TERUM APP, we want to engage with communities in our fight to create a safer and healthier environment. The purpose of EverGreen is to implement greener alternatives in our office”, said EverlyMoey Faleafine, Cultural Program Coordinator from GrnMeta Inc.

For more information on how you can contribute through the TERUM app, please visit https://www.terum.org/

About GrnMeta Inc

GrnMeta Inc is an environmental organization in Delaware that plans to save the Earth through technology. The organization is the first to create the social app, TERUM in efforts to save the world by encouraging society to contribute to the movement, one small step at a time. Their vision is to build a world where they can improve the standard of living without hurting the planet.

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