Frozen with Desire a 6,200 Diamond Sculpture by Brendan Murphy to Exhibit at Art Miami 2022 with Burgess Projects

Frozen with Desire by Brendan Murphy | Courtesy of Burgess Modern + Contemporary and the artist

Frozen with Desire, a new sculpture by Brendan Murphy encrusted with 6,213 diamonds will be exhibited by Burgess Projects at Art Miami in booth #AM425, from Nov 28 - Dec 5, 2022.

For centuries, humanity has gazed at the stars and dreamed of discovery. The continual exploration of space has been a symbol of an unharnessed spirit and unabashed desire, pushing us to achieve feats that once seemed impossible – reaching to infinity and beyond. 

This year, artist Brendan Murphy exemplifies that spirit with the exhibition of Frozen with Desire exhibited by Burgess Projects at Art Miami November 28th – December 4th.

The 42-inch cobalt blue chrome sculpture is tagged with Murphy’s signature formulae in blue and white. It’s face mask and side details are encrusted with an astounding 6,213 shimmering diamonds of the highest quality that total an astounding 517 carats set in three kilos of molded platinum. Alluring with a conjectural gravitational pull that draws the viewer closer, the spaceman’s refinement sets all senses ablaze. 

 “I wanted to create a time capsule worthy piece” states Murphy. “Something that both represents my work as well as the moment in time in which we are living. Using materials that are millions of years old and combining them with a very iconic symbol of our generation seemed to make sense to me. The visual and emotional impact this piece creates when you stand before it is hard to describe and has exceeded my wildest expectations”.

The level of detail and craftsmanship that went into creating Frozen with Desire is truly astonishing and a testament to the skill of the artist who created it. "The sculpture is a reminder of the power of nature, and a stunning example of human ability to create art that captures the unfathomable beauty of the natural well as a tribute to the creative genius of mankind that allowed humans to explore outer space”, says Lisa Burgess, founder of Burgess Projects. 

Brendan Murphy is a widely known contemporary artist whose work is represented in over 600 private collections. His work pushes the boundaries of creativity, exploring sculptural pieces, conceptual works, and a wide range of rare materials. Murphy's unique approach to artmaking has garnered attention from collectors and critics alike, and his work is celebrated for its universal appeal. Brendan Murphy is an important voice in the contemporary art world, and his work will continue to provoke and delight viewers for years to come.

Fairgoers can view Frozen with Desire at Burgess Projects, Booth #AM425 at Art Miami from November 28th – December 4th. Contact Lisa Burgess for more information, video clips and high-resolution images.

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