How to Minimize Your Risks of Needing the Epidural or Having a C-Section

Nathalie Fiset is a retired family doctor and hypnotherapist with 25 years of experience. In a study, she revealed that hypnosis can minimize the risk of needing an epidural or having a C-section.

 In an exclusive study, Nathalie Fiset m.d., c.h., shared ways to minimize the risks of needing an epidural or having a C-section. Dr Fiset pointed out that many women are worried about how they will deal with labor and delivery. That is why she combined her hypnosis and medical experience for a safe and natural birth. She offers an innovative program that allows mothers to have a healthy and comfortable birth without using invasive drugs while giving birth very comfortably.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we experience daily like when being engrossed in a good book or when missing your exit while driving on the highway. Dr Fiset teaches in dept how to harness the power of this beautiful state of mind to give birth naturally and comfortably. She emphasizes that the use of hypnosis has been around for many years but has not been fully implemented because many people are not well-informed on the benefits of this powerful technique. She encourages mom-to-be to embrace this program as it helps minimize the fear and anxiety towards childbirth. Thousands of women have been able to give birth in a calm, safe and very pleasant manner after following her Hypno-Baby program.

In her program, Nathalie Fiset includes multiple individualized sessions that address fears and anxieties while promoting bonding with the baby. The program works by removing the root cause of stress during pregnancy. It changes how one responds to the stress hence supporting and benefiting the baby. Besides, it prepares the mother to enter into labor with tangible tools and knowledge of what their body can do. It also provides relaxation and comfort techniques in case of unexpected complications.

The most notable thing about hypnosis is that it’s a natural pain management method. It does not use any pain medication, but it offers significant results. Thousands of women have given birth naturally without the need for any intervention after taking her online course for natural childbirth.

In addition, hypnosis leads to a positive postpartum experience. This is because it prepares mothers for their birth experience and empowers them to make well-informed decisions during the delivery. Therefore, it creates a positive natural birth experience that lowers the risk of experiencing postpartum depression or PTSD from the birthing experience.

Nathalie Fiset, m.d., c.h. also pointed out that while hypnosis promotes safe delivery and minimizes the need for epidural or cesarean section, it requires preparation and commitment. Therefore, moms-to-be should take the time to enroll in her Hypno-Baby course to start empowering themselves toward a safe and comfortable natural birth.

About Nathalie Fiset, M.D., C.H.

Nathalie Fiset is a retired family doctor and a certified hypnotherapist with 25 years of experience. She has delivered 3700 babies. Dr Fiset offers a complete hypnosis program that helps expectant mothers relax and minimize the need for epidural and c-sections. She has done a medical study that clearly shows the benefits of using hypnosis techniques for a safe, satisfying and natural birth.

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