Ashland Strength Studio Launches Shift: Movement Accountability Club

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For people who work from home, Shift: Movement Accountability Club addresses the post-pandemic need for more movement, connection, and accountability

Ashland, Oregon: On December 1, 2022, Ashland Strength Studio, a boutique fitness studio serving people who don’t feel like they belong in a typical gym, announced the launch of a new online community. They created Shift: Movement Accountability Club after seeing the number of people working from home triple, combined with a sharp rise in anxiety, depression, and burnout.

“People have different goals than they used to,” says Tess Ball, Ashland Strength Studio owner and head trainer. “Prior to the pandemic, people came to me wanting a safe place to get stronger or change their body composition. Now, almost everyone I see wants help reconnecting with themselves and/or restoring a feeling of community. They’re requesting shorter sessions and more accountability.”

While the online fitness industry is growing at an astounding rate, many on-demand fitness offerings don’t address this increasingly common need for connection and support. Shift: Movement Accountability Club solves this problem. Every month, members get:

  • Guided 15-minute group movement breaks throughout the workday

  • Weekly progress reports

  • Peer-led accountability circles

  • Monthly member meetup events

  • On-demand workouts to use whenever motivation strikes

Tess Ball has ten years of experience teaching fitness, specializing in helping introverts and folks who aren’t “gym people'' feel more at home in their body. They founded Ashland Strength Studio based on the belief that fitness is for every body. Shift: Movement Accountability Club is the next evolution of their mission to make fitness accessible and human. Join the community at

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