Eat UNrestricted Helps Families Enjoy Vegan Meals

Eat UNrestricted

Black owned business make allergen friendly, vegan cheese dips that the whole family enjoys.

Meet this amazing Black owned business making allergen friendly cheese dips taste amazing. Dianna King the co-founder of Eat UNrestricted is an electrical engineer by trade. However, she has always been an entrepreneur and foodie.

She has a family history of cancer and it inspired her to make the change to a vegan diet during June 2016. Shortly after hosting community dinners in 2016 she received a lot of compliments on the mac and cheese she would make. She worked on perfecting the recipe for 2 years and met Eric Thompson who became a co-founder and helped her continue the perfection process for the recipe.

After two plus years of perfecting the recipe, they have introduced their "better cheddar" to the local market and have been given great positive feedback. Their carrot and potato based sauce/dip is artificial color and preservatives free, naturally gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and NUT/CASHEW free. This is truly a cheese dip/sauce that can be enjoyed by most if not all and it has received 5 star reviews from their customers and local personal chefs that they’ve worked with.


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