"Researchers should prevent discriminatory enforcement" - The author: Maple Glory

Researchers are often put under investigation for various reasons, which has aroused great concern from all walks of life.

Researchers are often put under investigation for various reasons, which has aroused great concern from all walks of life. The reporter interviewed Dr. Michael, a famous sociologist, and asked him to answer questions of public concern.

Q:What should researchers pay attention to when applying for research funding?

A: If you are engaged in a relatively sensitive research area, please carefully review if there are any bans on your funds. Make sure you won’t be trapped in any of this kind of lawsuits.

Q What should be noted about background and conflicts of interest?

A:Once you are required to disclose any matters,You should also adequately learn the Conflict of Interest policy for your schools.

Q What should we pay attention to when reimbursing research funds?

A:No personal expenses should be included in the reimbursement bill, and no expense records should be falsified. Otherwise, you may be sued for fraud even if you fulfill the research assignment as promised.

QWhat do researchers do with their income from abroad?

A:If you have income from foreign sources,

(1)You must make disclosure when required;

(2)Don't forget to declare this income when filing taxes returns in United States.

(3)If you are a federal employee, you cannot obtain benefits from foreign sources based on the same work achievements you have made for the federal government.

Q What should researchers pay attention to when communicating with foreign countries?

A:Your emails may be intercepted without any notice, even you are a US citizen. Information collected under the law without a warrant can be used to prosecute and imprison people.

Q What inventions and discoveries should researchers pay attention to in their research?

A:If you think you own something generated in the research, consult a lawyer or other professionals to exercise your rights.

Do not copy or delete research data from a public computer.Cases show that your intellectual property dispute may be turned into a criminal charge.

QWhat should researchers pay attention to when they come into contact with information for military purposes in their work?

A:Items related to national defense are strictly regulated by complicated federal laws, and are strictly monitored by federal agents. If you contact with such information:

(1) Unless under permission, you should never release any information to any foreigners, nor to your students and colleagues.

(2) Unless under permission, you are not allowed to take any of these information out of the country.

QWhat should researchers pay attention to when they get access to trade secrets?

A:If you have access to trade secrets, your company or research institution may review your computer usage records, especially when you are quitting to work for another competing institution. Make sure your use of computers comply with regulations, because the technicians can find out all the traces and records of the usage of your computer.

QWhat should researchers pay attention to when confronted with investigations and inquiries?

A:(1) have the right to remain silent;

(2) have the right to talk to your attorney, or have one present when you are being questioned; if you cannot afford an attorney,you can request the government to provide one;

(3) must be warned that anything what you said can be used a gainst you in court.

The federal agents would have violated your constitutional right under 5th amendment if they failed to tell you above rights.

QIs it legal to assist anyone outside the United States in any way to develop nuclear material?

A:Development of nuclear materials is strictly controlled by the federal government. Unless specifically authorized, it shall be unlawful for any person to directly or indirectly engage or participate in the development or production of any special nuclear material outside of the United States(42 U.S. Code § 2077).

QAre there any risks associated with contact with foreigners?

A:The U.S. government may suspect you of being a spy for a foreign power simply because you have normal contact with foreigners.


Postscript: You can Make a Difference

Free interaction and communication among research groups around the world is essential to scientific progress, yet the United States imposes severe restrictions on foreign contact. Cutting off legitimate scientific ties would only complicate the very problems it was trying to solve.

When injustice occurs, scientists need to use their strength to speak out bravely and fight for justice and fairness.

In many cases, just stick to it and your voice will be heard

Basic research should be open to all.

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