Top Tech and Healthcare PR Agency MACIAS PR Releases Annual Media Report Detailing the Firm’s Success and Growth in 2022

NYC Public Relations agency, MACIAS PR, Releases annual media report detailing the 2022 coverage for clients.

The top tech and healthcare public relations firm — MACIAS PR — has released its annual media report, detailing the news coverage secured for their clients in 2022. Their list of media placements is long and influential.

The New York Times, Daily Mail, CNBC, Forbes, BBC, Fox News, The Sun, Wall Street Journal, NPR, Sky News and Reuters are just a few of the national and international news organizations that published features and news stories on their clients.

In 2022, MACIAS PR led the media campaigns for Kilo Health, Meru Health, Klinio, Groq Health, And Health, Keto Cycle, as well as the former United Nations Executive Director on Climate.

The founder of the PR agency, Mark Macias, said even as the economy began to slow in 2022, their clients remained on top of the news cycle.

“Consumer brands and startups will see more economic headwinds in 2023, but the best PR campaigns will position your brand into the conversation regardless of the economy," said Macias. "When strategy and execution are aligned, consumers and clients will see your brand from a different perspective. Advertisements and commercials don't work in this economy."

History of MACIAS PR

MACIAS PR was founded in 2009 by Mark Macias after he left CBS in New York. As Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS, Macias approved story ideas from producers, reporters and publicists. This insider perspective has separated their media strategy and approach from others.

City and State Magazine named Mark Macias one of the top 50 PR Power Players in New York, while Finance Monthly named MACIAS PR the 2015 PR Consultant Firm of the Year and 2016-2019 Financial PR Firm of the Year. The accolades were based on the firm’s expertise and success with media placements.

Today, MACIAS PR works closely with a roster of experienced former journalists and reporters on story creation, while Macias oversees the strategy and works directly with all clients.

“Throughout my media career, I heard so many pitches from inexperienced publicists fresh out of school," said Macias. "They failed because they didn’t understand the nuances of the media or how strategy was executed. Our agency is different. We work with a roster of freelance journalists who help us craft the message and identify the strongest news angle possible. My business background also brings an entrepreneur’s perspective to every campaign.”

Mark Macias was named to the Forbes Business Council in 2021. He’s also a frequent contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and CNBC.

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