Vodafone Installs 5G Equipment at Five Important UK Airports

To maximize the benefits of 5G coverage, Vodafone has started the installation with 5 of the biggest and busiest airports in the region.

As we’re moving close to Christmas and the New Year, airports around the UK will get busier. All thanks to business travellers, holidaymakers, and other individuals trying to make the most of the holiday period to visit their favourite destinations.

While waiting to get on aeroplanes, lots of people will be on their mobile devices as they want to stay connected to the world around them. Whether they’re watching videos on streaming platforms, chatting on social media, or video-calling their loved ones, everyone uses their devices for different purposes. Everyone wants the internet connection to be seamless, fast and dependable. Fortunately, Vodafone is here to make it possible.

Through the help of this telecommunication giant, 5 of the airports in the United Kingdom will be receiving 5G coverage in the next few days. This new addition will come in handy during this yuletide season and beyond for everyone.

What airports got 5G coverage?

To maximize the benefits of 5G coverage, Vodafone has started the installation with 5 of the biggest and busiest airports in the region. The selected airports are:

· George Best Airport in Belfast

  • · Newcastle International Airport
  • · Birmingham Airport
  • · Edinburgh Airport

· Glasgow Airport

It’s noteworthy that the first two airports have already received 5G connection, whereas installation will be done in the remaining three soon to meet the deadline. With the best Vodafone broadband plans, you can take advantage of the 5G network to get things done quickly and easily on the internet.

This addition will bring some improvements to the transportation industry, as it enables more people to access digital services on the go. Besides, it further establishes Vodafone as one of the leading and most innovative operators in the country.

Exchange Communications is in charge of the installations in different UK cities. This firm usually collaborates with Vodafone to offer various technological solutions to users.

What’s the essence of this installation?

You might be wondering why Vodafone and its partner are spending so much time, money, and effort on this installation. As noted by Vodafone’s representatives, airports often need to deal with huge demands for mobile data during the holiday season. Companies and individuals used to get frustrated because of slow and unresponsive internet connections.

However, the 5G network boasts lower latency and higher speeds. These qualities ensure that people can connect faster to the internet for different purposes. Whether you’re trying to access remote servers or documents, this coverage enables it. Even if you want to download movies or browse through web pages quickly, 5G coverage guarantees it.

Another benefit of 5G technology is that it offers far greater capacity. How does this infrastructure help you? It ensures that more individuals can connect to the internet at the same time in the same place without experiencing erratic signals. Regardless of how filled or busy an airport is, everyone can enjoy the internet.

The availability of a 5G network may also present great business opportunities for enterprises. They can take advantage of it to implement new useful services and applications, including:

· Digital passport controls

  • · Smart carts
  • · Contactless check-ins

· Real-time inventories

Unlike in the past, the high speed of the network allows enterprises to use these new services without any delay.

Andrea Dona, Vodafone’s UK network and development director, highlighted why the company is investing in 5G installation in airports. He noted that “Millions of passengers use these airports every year, so we’re delighted to be able to give them fast data speeds, however busy it gets. Meanwhile, each of these airports has an important role to play in their region and their local economy. So it’s great to be able to supply the connectivity they need to continue to grow and succeed.”

Tom Sime, the CEO of Exchange Communications, said the selected airports will become more connected than others in the nation. Noting that 5G will prepare the airports for new services and connectivity, he stated that the network will help businesses, customers, and the airport.

Past efforts by Vodafone to bring 5G network to UK’s airports

While these new installations are making waves in the UK, Vodafone has done similar things in the past. In February 2019, the company introduced ‘blast pods’, which is believed to be the first airfield with 5G connectivity in the UK. Later in March 2022, the telecommunication company also deployed a 5G network at Gatwick Airport.

Interestingly, the company hasn’t encountered any substantial challenges in installing 5G infrastructure in different airports across the country. At the beginning of 2022, rumours flew around that the transmission of the 5G network could affect aircraft systems. However, this unfounded news was quickly dismissed by the Civil Aviation Authority of the UK, allowing the fears of many individuals. Additionally, Ofcom agreed that the deployment of 5G equipment doesn’t have any impact on flight safety.

It should be noted that this presents a different situation to what’s seen in the United States of America, where telecommunication companies are currently prevented from installing 5G infrastructure in airports. According to reports, it’s assumed that the network could lead to flight safety challenges. Nevertheless, everyone looks forward to seeing how things will turn out in the country concerning 5G connectivity.

In a nutshell, Vodafone is providing awesome infrastructure to various airports in the UK. Without a doubt, this will bring tons of positivity to the country, making life easier and more enjoyable for all parties.

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