TikTok influencer Debunks Fitness Myths

TikTok Influencer @theallenye Debunks Fitness Myths

Allen Ye shares bad fitness advice that’s actually good.

There are always myths and varied opinions making rounds in the fitness world. Everyone has something to tell you about your fitness journey, and nobody shies away from giving advice. Well, do not believe everything you hear.

In this video, TikTok influencer Allen Ye, who creates health and fitness content, talks about the fitness pieces of advice that are good but not for the reasons you think.

Here are his advice -

1. If you want to get lean, do not eat after 6 pm. The reason behind this is not that your metabolism changes. It’s because you are likely to make poor choices at night.

2. Do fast cardio in the morning to burn fat. It will start your day with a healthy habit.

3. Do high reps or train to failure to build muscles. Most people generally do 15-20 reps. Doing something new will build stimulus and help in building muscle.

4. You need to eat a ton of protein to build muscle. In reality, you do not need a lot, but the average American doesn’t eat enough protein to build muscle, which translates into a ton.

5. Drink a gallon of water every day. The reason is that the more water you drink, the more you urinate, and as a result, you move more.

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