Integrate Any ERP: Data Archiving Solution

Integrate Any ERP: Data Archiving Solution

Bizdata's data archive solution, known as Bizdata Vault, is a feature of the Bizintel360™ data analytics platform. Bizdata Vault can integrate any type of ERP to create a secure data archive.

Bizdata, a leading provider of SaaS integration and augmented analytics platforms, announced today its Bizintel360™ platform has the capability of integrating any ERP to create a data archive. This data archival solution is known as Bizdata Vault, and will enable businesses to easily archive ERP data and move it to the cloud for long-term storage. With the Bizintel360™ augmented analytics platform, businesses will be able to take advantage of Bizdata's data archival solution to easily move their old ERP data to the cloud and save on storage costs.

Bizintel360™ is a no-code, augmented analytics platform. It is powered by AI, and can connect any data source to derive advanced analytics rapidly. One of the features of the Bizintel360™ platform is called Bizdata Vault, which is our smart data archival tool. The tool can integrate small to large data sets with over 5000+ different enterprise applications in the data lake, thus creating a "data vault" of various sources of archived data.

"Bizdata Vault is the future for data archiving and eDiscovery. With an advanced internal search engine, users can truly see patterns in their businesses to make more educated decisions," says Bizdata's CEO, Adil Mujeeb. He added, "the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of Bizdata Vault are the key elements to why it can create enterprise success."

Bizdata Vault Features:

  • Retain and Hold Data - Data archive of on-premise and SaaS applications, data warehouse, digital marketing, and social media data in the secure and encrypted Bizdata Vault. Users can automate their archive needs by scheduling the frequency of different date ranges.

  • Search Data Archive - Enterprise users can search data insights across applications with any type of data format. Make a keyword search, dimensional search, fuzzy search, numeric search, and date range search with ease.

  • Export Data - Users can narrow down their data sets of interest and derive an easy data export in the form of Excel, CSV, JSON, PPT, and PDF formats.

  • eDiscovery of Data Archive - Users can discover their area of interest in data information with quick and easy drag-and-drop columns and explore using the search engine.

  • Data Reports and Data Visualization - Bizdata Vault users can turn their archived data into an action plan and informative business decision. They can create data reports, pixel reports, and view reports with many different data visualization options. Search, slice, and dice data, and perform click events to narrow down data information.

  • Access Control and Audit Data Archive - Enterprise users can control the data set, subjective information in modules, business objects, and even at the attribute level. They can choose what data insights they want to discover across teams in the organization.

  • Data Designed for Mobile Use - Bizdata Vault is available to all iOS and Android cellular devices, tablets, and computers. Discover important insights in your data set, and search and grab the data insights and information with ease.

Bizdata urges enterprise users with large sets of data and storage needs to reach out and discover the many benefits of using a data archival tool. Bizdata Vault can grow and scale businesses by providing old data with useful, new insights.

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