Gobble Up Some Smoke Signals Meals in the New Year

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Smoke Signals BBQ’s new menu has you covered! This Lake Placid institution, which has been in business since 2013, has figured out how to churn out the very best in barbecue in the northeast

Stuck on what to feed your family for New Year’s Eve dinner? Need a quick pick-me-up to kick the year off, right? Or, perhaps, you’re hosting a party and want to go all out with a buffet feast.

No matter what the holiday occasion, Smoke Signals BBQ’s new menu has you covered! This Lake Placid institution, which has been in business since 2013, has figured out how to churn out the very best in barbecue in the northeast, from savory sides and appetizers to filling entrées and gorgeous desserts. Keep reading for our top recommendations on Smoke Signals’ best meals to eat in the New Year and beyond!

1. Start with Pork Belly Truffle Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is everyone’s favorite creamy, cheesy comfort food, but what is a truffle? A truffle is an edible spore that grows on underground fungus—not a mushroom, which grows above ground. They’re considered a gourmet delicacy and are incredibly expensive because they’re very difficult to find!

The flavor of truffles is quite complex. They can taste earthy, musky, and rich with umami. Some may have a subtle floral flavor, too. These characteristics mean truffles work extremely well with creamy sauces and the already umami-packed cheddar cheese in Smoke Signals’ mac. Pork belly adds an extra hit of protein and helps cut the richness of the dish. You won’t want to miss this standout on the new menu!

2. Dig Into a Stuffed Pear

Have you ever eaten—or even heard of—a stuffed pear? This subtly sweet fruit pairs exceptionally well with nutty flavors, cheese, and crunchy textures.

In this fun, vintage-inspired starter, Smoke Signals uses a classic barbecue technique to smoke a pear stuffed with blue cheese and mildly tannic walnuts, then drizzles spicy honey over the top. It’s a cross between a fruit dish and a dessert. This appetizer is best eaten at the restaurant for maximum impact and ease!

3. Rate and Review the Award-Winning Wings

Smoke Signals take their wings very seriously. Diners can choose between chowing down on five or 10 wings served with their choice of ranch, blue cheese dressing, house barbecue sauce, buffalo barbecue sauce, or hot or mild dry rub.

These wings have won awards in past barbecue competitions, and they’ve racked up more than 45 glowing reviews on the Smoke Signals website! Fan favorites include the maple wings, the dry rub, and the habanero. Share a plate of wings with your friends and family, or hoard them all for yourself. We won’t judge!

4. Try the Pork Korma Curry

Korma is a method of cooking that’s similar to braising. In this classic Indian dish dating back several centuries, the main meat or vegetables are marinated in yogurt, then braised on high heat until all juices have condensed into a thick sauce.

In Smoke Signals’ take on this classic and beloved dish, pork is used in place of chicken or vegetables (although the dish can be made vegetarian upon request). Cauliflower, onions, and pepper help flavor the dish and give it extra oomph, while the entire thing is served over white rice. It’s a filling yet light dish that’s perfect for refueling after a long day spent outside exploring the region.

5. Enjoy Flaky Grilled Halibut

Grilled fish is difficult to tackle at home. Fish is very delicate, and it can be challenging to ensure it doesn’t fall apart on the grill. It’s also tricky to ensure it’s cooked evenly and properly.

Let the pros at Smoke Signals do the hard work for you, and the next time you dine with them, try the Grilled Halibut! Halibut is a mild white fish that’s slightly sweet (similar to tilapia). Smoke Signals amps up the flavors by serving the fish alongside spaghetti with smoked puttanesca sauce and grilled broccolini. The white fish pairs perfectly with the salty, deeply savory sauce.

6. Go Big with Porterhouse for Two

If you’re in the mood to splurge, might we suggest Smoke Signals’ Porterhouse for Two? This epic meal would be great for a very hungry date night, as it features a 40 oz. steak paired with smoked duck fat fingerling potatoes and grilled broccolini. Come hungry, leave satisfied!

Everything Sounds Delicious, But I Have a Big Group. Does Smoke Signals Cater?

Yes! If you don’t want to dine at the restaurant with your large group or grab takeout, Smoke Signals caters to groups of up to 250 people. Smoke Signals devotees can also take advantage of the restaurant’s absolutely stunning campus for events, weddings, and more.

Choose from hosting your event in the Music Hall for larger gatherings, the Lake View Room for intimate affairs, the Deck for outdoor parties, or renting out the full restaurant for a guest-wowing experience.

When it comes to the food, catering options include full-service, pick-up or drop-off, a full bar or by-consumption options, passed or stationed appetizers, salads, entrées, desserts, and a specialty signature carving table. Smoke Signals’ catering opportunities are truly one-of-kind, and the views overlooking Lake Placid will be memorable for both guests and hosts alike.


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