Blak'd Out announces a new sister label titled Reboot'D Records

Reboot'D Records by Blak'd Out

Bobby Blakdout, Founder of Blak'd Out Records, announces on his Instagram @dayumbobby that Blak'd Out is launching a sister label, Reboot'D Records and we are excited to see whats to come!

A new sister label to Blak'd OutReboot'D is an independent label based out of Florida which focuses on connecting the bridge between EDM and hip hop artists. The sister label Reboot'D will likely work in partnership with its parent label, Blak'd Out, leveraging the parent label's resources and infrastructure to support the development and success of the sister label's artists.

Reboot'D Records will have its own unique identity and brand, slightly different from the parent label, but it would still benefit from the Blak'd Out's established reputation and reach in the music industry. This would be beneficial for upcoming artists by providing them the exposure and platform needed for their career to flourish, and for the parent label as it can expand it's diversity of genres and expand it's reach. 

Reboot'D Records can be found on Instagram at or you can visit to learn more about the newly announced sister label!

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