Vietnamese garment manufacturer helps put spotlight on nation's clothing industry in competition with China

Vietnamese manufacturer helps showcase country’s clothing industry

Growing list of clothing wholesalers from the U.S. and Europe lean on Dony Garment to produce high-quality, affordable apparel

Even the biggest enterprises can sometimes use assistance. And so when a growing number of apparel companies sought high-quality, low-cost manufacturing services this year, they turned to a Vietnamese industry leader, Dony Garment.

“Our partners have turned to Dony time and again to help manufacture clothing that will, in turn, be sold around the world,” said Pham Quang Anh, Dony Garment CEO.

He said global partnerships in the U.S. and Europe had been a long-time core part of Dony Garment business. Now, as companies look past Chinese manufacturers for apparel needs, the company is ready to step up to meet the challenge while showcasing the quality and affordability of Vietnamese producers.

“It is a continuing pleasure to create another option for wholesalers outside of our Chinese counterparts, and others around the world, create garments and apparel that will be enjoyed by millions.”

He said wholesalers appreciate Dony’s strict quality controls while maintaining pricing lower than many competitors.

“Our main goal is to prove Dony, and the Vietnamese garment industry in general, should be the first choice for well-made apparel production,” Pham said. “And we believe our recent partnerships with wholesalers that have been long-time buyers on the Chinese marketplace can serve as a guide to more opportunity for collaboration that benefits the entire industry and the consumers worldwide.”

Along with various apparel options, Dony Garment also works with wholesalers to create custom products.

“We offer a plethora of options for almost any apparel need,” Pham said. “From T-shirts, outerwear, pants, dresses, hats and more, we are proud to offer almost any type of manufactured garment. Further, we can offer embroidery, custom emblems and screen printing on those items to spec for our clients. We aim to create a one-stop-shop for those wholesale apparel buyers.”

But top-notch apparel production is just the beginning of what sets Dony Garment apart, he said.

“Our core value is customer satisfaction,” Pham said. “Customer service is our top priority, and our team will work tirelessly to ensure you get only the best.”

And as one of Vietnam’s leading manufacturers, Dony Garment looks to create comfortable relationships highlighting the talented and dedicated Vietnamese workforce.

“Unlike other sales sites, Dony doesn't just treat you as a number,” Pham said. “We consider you a lifelong friend and treat you accordingly. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients so that we can do business together for years to come. With our dedicated team, we strive to offer a service unlike any other.”

“Our goal is to make all of our transactions a win-win situation for everyone involved,” he continued. “It doesn't matter whether you're a big or small business, we will work with you closely to ensure unmatched quality of garments.”

And while they continue to grow their international partnerships, Pham said they would also continue to pursue excellence.

“Passion and expertise drive everything we do,” Pham said. “Every aspect of our operations is driven by boundless quality, and we do not believe in half-hearted efforts. Our company's vision is to become the top manufacturer of high-quality clothing in the country.”

“As part of our wider vision, we want to rebrand Vietnam as a fantastic country with plenty of value and resources. The garment manufacturing we create is of some of the highest quality in the industry, as we believe in the potential of this country and its ability to produce high-quality resources for our global partners.”

To learn more about Dony Garment, visit their website,

They also maintain a presence on social media, including LinkedIn and Facebook.

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