KBS Mobility Launches “Anywhere 5G VOIP Solution” Futuristic, Intelligent Phone & Fax Solution on 5G Networks

Anywhere 5G VOIP

Rapid and Portable VOIP Set-Up ideal for Small Businesses and Start-ups, Enables Calls on Multiple Devices at Significantly Lower Costs, Port Existing Business Phone Numbers or Take a New Number

January 17th, 2023: KBS Mobility, a leading US-headquartered technology integrator, today announced launch of Anywhere 5G VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Solution for Small Businesses and Start-ups. The cutting edge Portable VOIP service is powered on 5G networks, enabling rapid set-up of the UCAAS based integrated Internet, Phone and Fax solution. In addition to the functionality advantages, Anywhere 5G VOIP Solution aims to reduce monthly costs of Internet, Phone and Fax Services by 20 to 65% as compared to conventional offerings. With a HIPPA Compliant Physical Fax option, the solution is designed to offer end-to-end connectivity for Clinics and Doctors Offices.

“Simple-to-Use, Reliable, Efficient and Affordable connectivity solutions are essential pillars for every small business, right from start-up to continuity stages. Anywhere 5G VOIP is the ideal “single-window” solution for powering these essential pillars with cutting edge 5G technology”, Damini Sood, President & Founder of KBS Mobility said. “Anywhere 5G VOIP is a fully portable solution, enabling a business / office to remain connected 24x7 on multiple devices including Desk Phone, Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop. While the Solution is targeted at Small Businesses, it is equally effective across Home Offices, Campaign Offices, Restaurants & Food Trucks, Salons, Auto Dealerships, and all types of small business establishments”, she added.

Starting from price points of $44.5 upwards for Internet & VOIP Phone Service; and $54.5 upwards for Internet, Phone and e-Fax; the cost savings from Anywhere 5G VOIP Solution keep increasing with more lines of services. Some intrinsic features of Anywhere 5G VOIP include (1) Voice-Mail conversion to E-Mail, (2) Call Recording, (3) 1-800 Numbers, (4) e-Fax or Physical Fax, (5) Range of VOIP Phones and all futuristic features any VOIP service offers.

In order to serve a larger section of small businesses, KBS Mobility (www.KBSMobility.com) will offer 5G Business Internet plans of major carriers, leading 5G Router Brands and VOIP Platform on a stand-alone (un-bundled) basis also. Customers already having a VOIP service may choose to opt for best Suited 5G Services / Rate Plans from major carriers by contacting KBS Mobility. Likewise, customers can choose to connect with KBS Mobility for Router (all leading brands) or VOIP Phone or Fax Service only, based on their needs.

“Technological advancements like VOIP cannot be restricted to businesses with in-house IT teams and large connectivity budgets. Small Businesses and Start-Ups should also be able to deploy equally advanced technologies with easy-to-manage interface at affordable costs”, Damini Sood added. “Tailored to suit the needs of 32.5 million Small Businesses in the US, Anywhere 5G VOIP aspires to emerge as the most Reliable and Dependable connectivity solution for the Lifeblood’s (comprising 44% share) of US Economy”, Sood stated.

Anywhere VOIP is a Solution integrated by KBS Mobility riding on 5G networks of major carriers using a Router and a VOIP platform. Customizing the solution to optimum effectiveness, KBS Mobility’s team starts the engagement with a Consultative process to identify best suited 5G carrier, Router / Modem and Internet Plans, available in customer’s location of use. Facilitating fulfillment of the best-suited 5G options, the team simultaneously integrates the VOIP Platform to deploy Anywhere 5G VOIP Solution in less than 2-3 days. The VOIP solution can also be tailored to run on existing wireline and 4G LTE internet connections based on customer requirements. In the Beta Launch, Anywhere 5G VOIP has already been successfully deployed at over 100 customer locations across all regions in the United States.

Anywhere 5G VOIP Solution is best-suited for small businesses needing up to 20 Phone Lines. As businesses grow and require more than 20 Lines, KBS Mobility has a Hybrid VOIP Solution powered by 5G, 4G LTE and Wireline Internet Service. 

About KBS Mobility (www.KBSMobility.com): A leading integrator of connected devices and solutions, KBS Mobility (Registered as KBS International LLC) is a certified partner of leading technology brands and major US carriers. With over 50-man years of expertise in stitching solutions across all Generations of Technology and Connectivity, KBS Mobility specializes in offering customized Connected & Managed Device & Service solutions in B2B and B2G space, tailored to end-use requirements. The 5S Fulfillment Model, with Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Promise, offers a Zero-Touch deployment experience to its customers upon finalization of order specifications. KBS Mobility’s New Jersey Fulfillment Center has capacity to process 100,000 devices annually.

KBS International LLC is a Small Business, founded and fully owned by Minority Women headquartered in New Jersey and serves customers across all states and territories of United States.

For more details, contact Joanne / Greg on 332-261-6398 or [email protected] 

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