ZeroQT Offers Retail Investors the Ability to Become Venture Capitalists

ZeroQT Launches

Becoming a Venture Capitalist used to be something reserved for the wealthy and well-connected but now retail investors can join the ranks of the investing elite with ZeroQT.

Becoming a Venture Capitalist is no easy task. Professional VCs are typically former financial advisors, business experts, or sometimes academics. Joining a Venture Capital investment firm often comes with minimum investment capabilities and a long registration process. Typically, VCs go beyond just investing in startups. They also act as mentors, leaders, and advisors to the startups that they fund, helping them in every step of the way.

ZeroQT is a Venture Capital Fund that anyone can get involved in. They specialize in investing in blockchain focused start-ups and are operated by Zero Cute Ventures Ltd. This community driven fund allows regular investors to participate in early funding rounds usually reserved for banks, larger financial institutions, and family funds.

With 2 million in assets and 100K+ users, the ZeroQT platform has been growing rapidly since its inception in September of 2022. Powered by the Zero protocol this EVM compatible chain will launch the ZQT token publicly this quarter.

ZeroQT is operated by a registered British fund management company located in Purley, England. Their platform is permissionless providing instant payment processing without the need for approval from a central authority. They offer flexible staking options, equity investments with real time dividends, and a crypto mixer to process multiple payments in a single transaction and provide an extreme level of privacy.

ZQT, launching soon, is an ERC-20 token that powers the platform and can be swapped for BTC, LTC, and DOGE at any time. What sets the entire protocol apart is the ability for retail investors to open anonymous accounts and become venture capitalists. The company’s revenue is deposited into a zero-vault liquidity pool and those that participate through borrowing shares become eligible for the VC turnover in the form of ZQT tokens.

Stablecoins Power Stable Bets in the First ZeroQT Backed Project

They already successfully launched and incorporated two projects into the ecosystem. The first, StableBet is a Web3 crypto casino powered by stablecoins. Established in 2022, StableBet averages 10k new users per month and was provided startup funding of 1.5M. The popularity of crypto casinos is well known but removing the KYC requirements and providing simple logins broadens the reach to new players that normally wouldn’t undergo the tiring registration process simply to play some games. Add in immediate transfers and the security of blockchain technology and users are safe to play. As a bonus, half of the casino revenues are distributed to shareholders.

Optimise APRs with Tropical Finance

Their second venture, Tropical Finance, is a Web3 decentralized exchange (DEX) with farms, pools, and more. Established in 2021 there is $150K TVL with 1K+ daily users. This platform provides new ways for the crypto community to optimise APRs. As an automated market maker (AMM) it incentivizes users with yield farming, uses an algorithm to provide a constant price, and automatically swaps assets using smart contracts.

An Alternative to Investing Amongst High Volatility

The ecosystem stablecoin, ZUSD Money, can be used for collateralizing the ecosystem's assets as well as a payment method for their casino and partners. Pegged by the US dollar at a 1:1 ratio and backed by ZeroQT reserves, ZUSD provides investors with a transaction alternative to high volatility cryptocurrencies. They expect to launch the stable coin in Q1 Of 2023 on several EVM compatible chains.

The ZeroQT ecosystem will be an entire DeFi suite of products, and the first investments are just the start. The anonymity once associated with cryptocurrency is slowly coming to light as a myth. With ZeroQT not only can clients register anonymously, but they will also have access to anonymous swaps through the crypto mixer. These swaps make transactions and coins more difficult to trace back to the spender, ultimately protecting investors.

Becoming a venture capitalist is as easy as creating an account. Not only can new account holders invest in early blockchain start-ups, but they can now earn ZQT tokens by claiming dividends regularly. This is done through borrowing shares of ZQT. Users can also withdraw liquidity at any time or transfer it to an exchange.

Investors ready to become a venture capitalist can join now. ZeroQT also has created an application form for blockchain startups seeking to raise capital which can be found at zeroqt/apply.

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