MetaBeat decides to use ARGOS KYC, specializing in identity verification, for building a global K-POP community (F2E)

Argos x MetaBeat

Sharing Argos KYC Inc. on a new client, MetaBeat. Online identity verification will be applied to verify users for MetaBeat's service using the ARGOS KYC solution.

MetaBeat is the world's first Fan-To-Earn (F2E) platform that pursues a web 3 fan community based on music IP (intellectual property rights). MetaBeat builds a 'Social-Fi' environment where users can actively participate in artist activities using NFTs based on music IP. MetaBeat launched the app on the Google Play store on December 15, 2022.

In an interview with Blooming Beat on the 29th, CEO Kim Yun-Jeong of MetaBeat said, "MetaBeat is a platform where fans who love K-pop can grow together with artists."

Rewards are provided in BEAT, MetaBeat’s utility token. BEAT tokens are used as a means of payment within the platform for NFT purchases and artist support activities. MetaBeat wallet is required in order to purchase BEAT tokens and receive rewards. A wallet is automatically created when signing up for MetaBeat membership. For wallet activation, an identity verification process is required.

MetaBeat decided to use ARGOS KYC provided by Argos KYC Inc. for user authentication as it’s easy for global users to use. ARGOS KYC provides an international service suitable for identifying the identities of music fans worldwide. ARGOS KYC currently has a global ID database capable of recognizing IDs in more than 210 countries. In addition, it provides an AI-based online customer identification service that can increase convenience from the user's point of view. Users can finish the identity authentication process with a mobile device anytime anywhere.

MetaBeat announced that it plans to grow into a community where anyone who loves music can come and join. It is planning various activities in the music industry using the Web 3 environment. MetaBeat is thinking it is possible to launch music festivals, collaboration concerts with artists, and music-based NFTs in the near future.


ARGOS has started the business aiming to provide seamless KYC. With the advent of Web 3 and the rise in the crypto industry, ARGOS has expanded its business into ARGOS ID. ARGOS ID aims at providing a Travel Rule solution for verifying unhosted wallets. Identifying users (KYC) and verifying personal wallets (ID) both are available with ARGOS.

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