A' Design Awards Help Designers Worldwide Save Up to 300 Million USD in the Last 10 Years

A' Design Award - Gala Night Venue

A' Design Awards, an international design competition, did not charge any contractually obliged further fees to its winners, saving designers an estimated up to 300 million USD over the last 10 years.

The A' Design Awards, an international juried design competition, is proud to announce that over the last 10 years, designers around the world have saved an estimated 300 million USD thanks to A’ Design Award’s no further fees policy. 

The A' Design Awards, does not charge contractually obliged further fees to its winners, award winners are able to obtain the A' Design Prize and receive a comprehensive range of benefits, including promotion and exposure, professional recognition, networking and collaboration, resources and tools, and more, all without incurring additional costs. This made the awards accessible to a wider range of designers and design projects, and allowed winners to fully capitalize on the benefits of being recognized with an A' Design Award.

In addition, designers who take part in the A' Design award also gained access to free and confidential preliminary design review service, which allowed them to learn how good their design would perform in the competition before paying any nomination fee. The review service provided insights and constructive feedback on how to improve entry presentations, and was provided free of charge as a courtesy of A' Design Award and Competition. This service also helped designers potentially save money by allowing them to make an informed decision as well as optimizing their submissions before nominating their work.

The A' Design Awards have prepared a special page regarding these savings. Interested parties could visit the following page to learn more : https://competition.adesignaward.com/nofurtherfees.html

"The A' Design Awards is committed to recognizing and promoting design excellence without the added financial burden," said Onur Cobanli, the coordinator of the A' Design Awards. "We believe that designers and design projects should be able to fully capitalize on the benefits of winning an award without incurring additional costs, and we're proud to have saved designers up to 300 million USD over the last 10 years."

A' Design Prize includes a comprehensive set of benefits for the winners, such as the excellence in design certificate in metal frame, an invitation to an exclusive gala-night in Italy, online and offline exhibitions of awarded projects, a hardcover printed best projects’ yearbook publication, special 3D printed metal award trophy in luxury black box, project translation to 108+ languages, an exclusive interview with the winner, publication in 120+ media, license to use “A’ Design Award Winner Logo” in communication, promotion of awarded works to thousands of other publications, media appearances through press partners, inclusion in World Design Rankings as well as access to further marketing and PR tools.

The A' Design Awards is open to designers and design projects from around the world, and is judged by an international panel of experts. The deadline for entries for the next A' Design Awards is on February 28. For more information, visit https://competition.adesignaward.com

About the A' Design Awards
The A' Design Awards is committed to promoting and supporting design excellence, not only through its international design competition, but also through its philanthropic efforts. The awards have a long history of supporting underprivileged designers and design projects, and continues to work towards making design accessible to everyone. Through its various charitable initiatives, the A' Design Awards is dedicated to fostering a more sustainable and equitable design industry. Entries to the A' Design Award are evaluated by a 200+ jury panel of academics, design professionals and journalists who review the nominations on pre-established evaluation criteria. Entries are accepted worldwide, in all industries.

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