A' Design Awards Launches Design Leaderboards, ranking top 10.000 Designers Worldwide

Design Leaderboards, a meritocratic ranking and rating system for design, is now made available to general public.

The A' Design Awards, a prominent design competition and award program, is proud to announce the launch of its latest initiative, the Design Leaderboards. The Design Leaderboards is a meritocratic ranking systems for design that promotes and highlights award-winning designers and their good designs.

The Design Leaderboards gives more weight to recent award victories when ranking the designers, differentiating itself from other lifetime achievement based rating systems. A' Design Awards actively promotes the Design Leaderboards to attract the attention of media, editors, journalists to good design. The ultimate aim of the Design Leaderboards is to help great designers get recognized, discovered, featured, and their original designs appreciated.

Design Leaderboards ranking mechanism is affected by an exponential function of time, as well as exponential growth of award scores. Platinum award-winning status provides 36 points, Gold award-winning status 25 points, Silver award-winning status provides 16 points, Bronze award-winning status provides 9 points, and Iron award-winning status provides 4 points. Runner-ups are unlisted. These base scores are then multiplied by a formula that gives more importance to recent success.

The Design Leaderboards provides equality and equity for good designs for new comers, meanwhile maintaining a meritocratic framework and providing a temporary boosting to their ranking for promoting their name and their latest works. Design Leaderboards provides designers with more exposure, positive reputation, more outreach, additional visibility and helps award-winners actively promote their name and brand to design oriented audiences by means of personalized infographics and marketing materials.

The Design Leaderboards can be accessed online at https://designleaderboards.com/ where interested parties can discover award-winning designers, design agencies and enterprises worldwide, by country basis or by category basis. 

About A' Design Awards
The A' Design Award and Competition is a prestigious design accolade that recognizes and rewards the best designs, design concepts, and products worldwide. The A' Design Awards are organized annually and winners, who are selected by the 200+ grand jury panel of journalists, design professionals and academics are granted the A' Design Prize, for their design excellence. 

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