KBS Mobility launches Connected Device range for CDA’s Access to Technology Program for Seniors

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Choice of Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Chromebooks with connectivity starting $299 Ready-To-Use, Direct-To-User or Hub, Zero Touch Fulfillment Experience

KBS Mobility, a leading integrator of connected devices, has launched a range of connected Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and to cater to Area Agencies for Aging and Non-Profits under California Department of Aging (CDA) ATT Grant Program. Starting from $299, KBS Mobility’s integrated offerings includes an end-to-end fulfillment solution comprising of a connected device with case, wireless internet connectivity and one-year dedicated support to serve speedy deployment and achievement of the Access To Technology (ATT) Grant rollout by Area Agency for Aging (AAA).

“KBS Mobility aims to be the Partner of Choice for AAA’s and their Outreach Partners by offering a wide range of ‘connected devices as a solution’ at fixed prices through 2023”, Damini Sood, President – KBS Mobility said. “The expertise of KBS Mobility in integrating devices and connectivity to offer a turnkey Zero-Touch Deployment Experience for AAA’s offers significant potential for optimizing resources and accelerating ATT rollouts on a transparent fixed cost model”.

ATT is a landmark initiative by California Department of Aging aiming to reduce social isolation of Seniors. The State has allocated Grants to Area Agency of Agency of 41 Counties for providing devices, internet connectivity and training to Seniors. AAAs are in process of rolling out the ATT initiative directly or through not-for-profit outreach partners. KBS Mobility aims to collaborate with AAA’s and their Non-Profit Outreach partners with a wide range of connected devices to achieve ATT objectives. The range includes Android, Apple, Chrome and Windows devices from leading brands alongwith connectivity from choice of 3 major wireless carriers, and option for Remote Management.

“For a rollout of this scale, AAA’s and Outreach Partners would need to identify a reliable and dependable technology integrator like KBS Mobility to simplify complexities of managing multiple technology and fulfillment tasks”, Damini Sood added. “AAA’s collaborating with us can focus their resources on Outreach and Training, while KBS Mobility manages the entire Technology piece starting from Devices to Internet Connectivity, Pre-loading Apps, Shipping to identified beneficiaries as well as offering dedicated support desk through the year on a fixed cost model”.

With a turnkey deployment plan branded as “5S Fulfillment Model”, KBS Mobility partners with long-term customers to provide end-to-end zero touch experience. Starting from Sourcing and Stocking the identified devices. Based on order pipeline, KBS Fulfillment center Stages the devices in line with customer requirements by pre-configuring Apps and Settings, as well as facilitation of activating wireless internet lines on major carriers. In order to ease the deployment logistics, KBS Fulfillment team can ship the Ready-to-use devices to customers hub or to individual end-users. Once the end-user receives the ready-to-use device, KBS Mobility would provide a dedicated line for end-to-end support to the end-users for one year.

The Connected Device range comprises of Tablets, iPad’s, Android & Apple Smartphones, Chromebooks, Windows Laptops and Hotspots. Connected Devices like Cellular Routers which enable Shared hi-speed internet connectivity in senior centers as well as vehicles for in-transit connectivity are also included.

About KBS Mobility (www.KBSMobility.com): A leading integrator of connected devices and solutions, KBS Mobility (Registered as KBS International LLC) is a certified partner of leading technology brands and major US carriers. With over 50-man years of expertise in stitching solutions across all Generations of Technology and Connectivity, KBS Mobility specializes in offering customized Connected & Managed Device solutions in B2B and B2G space, tailored to end-use requirements. The 5S Fulfillment Model, with Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Promise, offers a Zero-Touch deployment experience to its customers upon finalization of order specifications. KBS Mobility’s New Jersey Fulfillment Center has capacity to process 100,000 devices annually.

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