Reducing Noise in Style: Union Acoustic Introduces Its Latest Materials for Indoor Room Soundproofing

Union Acoustic Pte Ltd

Singapore’s top indoor soundproofing solutions provider launches its latest noise control products that appeal to both client needs and aesthetic desires.

Union Acoustic, Singapore’s leading solutions provider in indoor sound proofing, is proud to introduce its noise reduction technology with the Union Acoustic Panel (AP).

“The Union AP is versatile in terms of use and function, as it can be applied on a diverse array of situations that require indoor room soundproofing,” says Ricky Thing, managing director of Union Acoustic. “It is the ideal product in both sound absorption and heat insulation, as it can effectively shorten the reverberation time to improve clarity of speech and overall sound quality in any indoor space.”

The Union AP is made of fibre filaments though high-tech hot pressing, and has a Class E1 Certificate Eco Friendly Certification.

“The Union AP is made of 100% polyester fibre, a density of 1860-400 gsm, and a sound absorbing performance or NRC result ranging from 0.8 to 0.85,” Ricky Thng continues. “With such NRC rating, the Union AP is highly suitable in auditoriums, recording studios, business offices, multifunction halls, residences, and other places with strict acoustic requirements.”

Aside from its sound absorption features, the Union AP is specially-developed to have a good physical stability and at the same time a soft and natural surface texture, which are important not only in terms of soundproofing and insulation, but also in terms of installation and maintenance.

Union Acoustic likewise offers its acoustic panel technology in different product designs, including the Union AP Carved, which can be hung or glued as individual panels on a wall space, the Union AP Skyboard, which is ideal for capturing reflected noise around a large space, the Union AP Anti-Noise Divider which contains noise within enclosed spaces such as workstations, and the Union AP Cut-through, which provides visual and auditory privacy in open spaces.

Union Acoustic also provides tailor-made soundproofing products with Union AP Custom. Clients can specify their exact needs for acoustic panels in terms of size, shape, material thickness, as well as design aesthetics.

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