YouTuber ‘The Collector’ Kicks Off New Year with Over 300 Thousand Subscribers

Matt “The Collector” has plans to take his YouTube to new heights in 2023, as he starts the year with record numbers of views, subscribers, and watch hours for his videos about his rare collections.

A member of YouTube since 2012, Matt ‘The Collector' has been posting videos of his collectibles and watching his YouTube numbers climb. With a collection and a private indoor range in his basement, Matt has no shortage of material to cover in 2023. Starting the year with more subscribers and viewers than ever, he anticipates a banner year as more and more enthusiasts discover his channel.

As his introduction video on YouTube states, Matt sees himself as an ordinary guy who loves collectibles. His YouTube videos are his way of sharing his passion for collecting with other enthusiasts. He has been collecting for the past 15 years, but Matt feels he still has a long way to go. Currently, his car, power, and arcade game collections together are valued at over one million dollars, and his nearly eight-minute video tour of the collection has over 2.4 million views.

"Most people will never get to see many of the items I have in my collection in person," stated Matt. "YouTube gives people a chance to join me in my vault. They can see my extensive collection. Then, they can join me in my private indoor range and get a sense of what it's like to use historic collectibles. I offer them that unique experience."

While owning a top-grossing YouTube channel is the dream of every YouTuber, Matt ‘The Collector' believes he is well on his way. His channel's statistics for the beginning of 2023 look promising. At the start of the new year, Matt's channel had the following:

  • 344,469 subscribers
  • 1.1 million hours of watch time

"I'm passionate about collectibles," remarked Matt. "and that's really what my channel is all about. It's about sharing something I love with other people who are as well."

Matt also plans to share his car and arcade game collections on his YouTube channel. However, for him, the emphasis will always be on his historical collection.

To learn more about or to watch a video tour of his extensive, visit "The Collector" on YouTube.

Media Contact: Matt ‘The Collector' | 855-736-6285

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