Woosah Bride Planners Prioritize Melanated Brides And Their Mental Health

Woosah Bride is here to help for National Weddings Month

February is National Weddings Month; a celebration of the beauty of unconditional love and the excitement of marriage. I have the perfect story for your audience to celebrate with.

Do you remember Bridezillas? It was a wildly entertaining show where seemingly normal women morphed into unrecognizable monsters terrorizing their parents, close friends, and even their grooms. Yet, if you look deeper it really showcased women whose mental health collapsed under the pressure of wedding demands.

That is where Woosah Bride comes in. Their beautifully crafted wedding planners ensure the bride’s mental health does not take a back seat to wedding details. The company was founded by Shonte’ Parrish Norgriff in 2022 after she and her husband planned their wedding in the midst of a pandemic.

Woosah Bride was founded to highlight the importance of prioritizing mental health for melanated brides and their support systems. Woosah has more resources than the average wedding planner in order to create habits that allow women to show up as their best selves in a healthy marriage. They are bridging the gap between the glamour of planning your big day and the reality which involves learning how to set boundaries and taking care of self.

Find out more about Woosah Bride at Woosahbride.com

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