Global Competition Seeks to Recognize the Best in Packaging Design

A' International Packaging Design Awards 2023 Now Open for Entries Worldwide

A' Design Award & Competition has just announced the call for entries to the prestigious A' International Packaging Design Awards. Open to packaging designers, advertising houses, creative agencies, and in-house design teams worldwide, this competition is a unique opportunity to showcase the best packaging designs from around the world and receive recognition for their excellence.

The A' International Packaging Design Awards is a two-phase competition, with the first phase being completely free for participants to register and submit their works for preliminary evaluation. Those who pass the preliminary evaluation will be eligible to proceed with the nomination, with a nominal fee for the entry. The deadline for entries is on February 28, 2023, and the results will be announced on April 15, 2023.

The A' Design Prize for the A' Packaging Design Awards is highly coveted and includes a series of PR, marketing, and publicity tools to celebrate the status of being a winner. The laureates will receive a Design Excellence Certificate, a lifetime license to use the A' Packaging Design Awards Winner Logo, a Yearbook of Best Designs, exhibitions of their awarded works in Italy, an exclusive design award trophy, a two-person invitation to take part in the A' Design Awards Gala-Night – La Notte Premio A', and translations of their works into foreign languages.

Winners will also receive an exclusive interview which will be published at Designer Interviews, as well as inclusion in the Press Kits. A comprehensive press kit will be prepared for the winners, containing the exclusive interview, the press release announcing their victory, design images, photographs of the designer, logo of the designer and the client, dozens of high-resolution photos, and images for added exposure, including a portfolio of the designer's other design projects.

The Press Kits for the winners of the A' International Packaging Design Awards will be distributed to thousands of press members who have gained press accreditation from A' Design Awards, with dozens of press partners having already confirmed in advance to publish a selection of the best projects among award winners. The Press Kit preparation and distribution service, as well as the A' Design Prize, are given free of charge to the Packaging Awards laureates as a way of celebrating their success.

Press members and design enthusiasts are invited to see past winners of the A' International Packaging Design Awards to get an idea of the level of excellence they are competing against. The categories for submission include Food Packages, Boxes and Casings, Packs, Cans, Bottles, Bags and more, with sub-categories and descriptions available on the competition's website at

About the A' Design Awards
The A' Design Award & Competition has been established to promote and recognize the best design works from all countries and in all creative disciplines. The primary aim of the competition is to create a global awareness and understanding for good design practices and principles by promoting the best designs in all countries and all design disciplines. The ultimate aim of the A' Design Awards is to push designers, companies, and brands worldwide to create superior products and projects that benefit society.

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