Dr. Keith, an attorney releases his book “An Evaluation Study”

Incentivizing For-Profit Investment in the Non-Profit Initiatives of The Community Cooperative

Dr. Keith White was born and raised in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York. As a member of an underserved and incredibly underprivileged community, Keith is committed to the universal struggle for human equality. This commitment does not just exist in the courtroom but extends to many of his charitable and civic engagements. While a trial attorney at heart, Keith has worked in various fields of discipline.

With over 20 years of experience in Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Business Law, and Civil and Criminal Law, Dr. Keith White, Esq. is a passionate and dedicated counselor. While working for clients all over the globe, Dr. White has developed a local approach while maintaining a focus that is global in scale.

Dr. Keith White publishes his dissertation on the importance of private investment in non-profit initiatives. This qualitative study is an extensive look at the comprehensive good that can be accomplished by public and private partnerships.

Dr. White began his career as an educator at Boys & Girls HS (while attending Law School). After this, he serves as a Prosecutor in The Kings County District Attorney’s Office. Since leaving the DA’s Office, Keith started his private practice, worked as Independent Counsel for Brooklyn Pastor and city leader A.R. Bernard and has worked with NYCHA, HPD, and HUD to develop and build affordable housing for thousands of disadvantaged members of the Brooklyn and New York City community. While previously serving for a 3-year term as co-Chair of the Board of Girls Education Mentoring Services (GEMS).

Keith has remained on the Board of this powerful organization that provides continuous and comprehensive services to address the needs of commercially and sexually exploited girls and young women in Brooklyn and throughout the United States. In addition to GEMS, Keith has joined the Board of KAVI (Kings Against Violence Initiative), a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Rob Gore that has become critically acclaimed for violence reduction and providing services to under-served communities in New York. While proud to serve these organizations, Keith is also a founding Board Member of The BKLYN COMBINE, a grassroots non-profit organization that partners with schools in underserved communities throughout the world to provide coding, life skills, mentoring, and restorative justice programming.

And recently, Keith has completed a journey to strengthen his skills, deepen his knowledge and expand his ability to help others.

Having successfully defended his final doctoral dissertation at the University of Southern California, Dr. White has researched, studied, and is continuing to explore ways to improve the lives of the most underserved communities in the world. Poverty does not have to exist, drug addiction should not be a crime, mental health challenges should not be punished and greed should not be rewarded.

With unrelenting ideals, hope, and hard work, Keith believes that we can achieve fairness, equity, sustainability, and love in our society.

While working on some of the most high-profile cases, Keith has never lost focus on his commitment to a client-centered approach. Whether he forming a business, negotiating a contract, or litigating a criminal or civil matter, Keith is committed to delivering professional service and client satisfaction.

From negotiating the film rights of the legendary Bishop Carl Bean to negotiating the producing rights of a Broadway play, Keith gets the deal done fairly. While trademarking brands like “Black Owned Everything” for Zerina Akers and negotiating recording contracts for RocNation Recording Artist Victory Boyd, Keith is committed to the art of protecting art. See below for a small sample of Keith’s work in the IP and entertainment space.

You must want to learn his persuasive techniques and ideas. He has summed it all up here. Go get it!

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