Why you should learn Quran online

Getting Quranic knowledge online is more effective and efficient than the conventional learning method. Ilmibook helps you access information from the comfort of your home without much hassle

As you know, the Quran is the Holy book of Muslims, which they are expected to recite, learn and practice. It helps them gain knowledge about the orders of Allah SWT, i.e how to spend their lives, what is right and what is wrong. Reciting the Holy book not only increases our knowledge but also provides us great blessings and rewards in this world and the hereafter.

Any person at any age can learn the verses, as there is no age limit. There are so many ways to understand the Holy book, but today we will talk about the online method. With the advancement in technology, it is not difficult to access any kind of information. Similarly, you can learn the Book of Allah effectively through the internet too, as it has a lot of benefits. Any type of person i.e kids, housewives, young people, busy persons, old people etc can gain advantage from the online services.

Some of the benefits that you can get by learning about the Holy book online are stated below:

1- Approach the best Qaris from any part of the world

For effective learning of the Book of Allah SWT, you need a qualified and experienced teacher. The teacher will help you gain understanding of the verses and rules of the Holy Quran perfectly and point out your mistakes to make your recitation error free.

As the language of the Holy book is Arabic, a native Arab tutor can be the best choice. He/she will make you excel in your pronunciation and learn the Tajweed rules. Finding an experienced and an Arab tutor near you can be difficult. But thanks to technology, you can search and find the best Qaris from any part of the world and take lessons from them.

As the world has become a global village, you can access any information or person from one part of the world, to ensure good quality knowledge.

2- Many learning materials are available on the Internet

As everyone has a different learning style, online methods can really help. There are a variety of resources available about every topic and Juzz of the Quran, that you can choose according to your interests for faster learning.

Resources like different Quran courses, videos about tajweed, stories in the holy book, recitations of different Qaris, translations by different scholars, articles etc are easily available online. You can select the medium you like and follow it regularly.

3- You can have a personalized Study plan

Learning Quran online is ideal for people who have a busy schedule or different cognitive abilities. All humans are different and grasp things at a different pace. So a personalized plan can be really helpful for you to gain knowledge according to your mind capacity.

There are many study plans already available on the internet, you can choose from them in accordance to your routine i.e how much time you can spare or how much verses can you learn everyday. If you can't find a suitable plan, you can customize it, so that it fits your schedule.

A customized learning course will help you study the Quran efficiently as it won't disturb your routine or be a burden on you, since you can easily cope up with the daily targets because you set them up yourself.

4- No hassle about traveling and time management

The biggest relief that an online Quran learning system provides is that you can avoid traveling. Nowadays when traffic jams are a common sight, being stuck in it for hours or traveling long distances for classes can be tiring and time consuming.

In this case, online classes are a lifesaver. They not only reduce the time and cost of traveling, but also help you in time management.

You can select a suitable time for yourself, that you can easily spare everyday, and memorize the verses in that specific time. In this way, you can form a routine and manage your time easily.

5- Access to variety of courses 24/7

You can access a wide range of courses in cyberspace. There are different courses of the Quran, i.e Nazra, Hifz, tajweed, translation and explanation of verses, Arabic grammar etc. You can choose the course you want to do and can get enough information and guidance about them.

The courses also have different levels of learning i.e beginners, mediocre and experienced. You can select a course according to your knowledge and follow it.

These courses are available on the internet all the time. Whenever you want to read or memorize a certain thing about the Quran, it is just a click away!

This will give you a freedom of choice. If you can't follow an already designed course, you can make one yourself, or request someone to personalize it for you.

6- Having an interactive Quran understanding experience

Studying with the same resources can become boring and sometimes tiring too. As there are many different types of educational resources present on the Internet, i.e visual and auditory etc. It makes the learning experience interactive and interesting.

You can watch different videos, take part in online Quran competitions, make flash notes, maintain an online journal, hear Arab Qaris, watch stories etc about the Holy book to gain a complete knowledge about it without getting bored. Also, learning with the help of visual and auditory materials make the learning process easier and faster!

But even if you are learning the Holy book online, you still have to make an effort yourself to practice it and remove any errors that your recitation might have, to ensure good quality memorization.


Hence, getting Quranic knowledge online is more effective and efficient than the conventional learning method. According to Ilmibook helps you access information from the comfort of your home without much hassle and location barrier.

So what are you waiting for? Start your Quranic journey online today so that you can easily get to know about the rules of the Holy Quran and learn its verses productively without wasting your time and energy.

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