The Future of Blockchain AI is Here - Meet ChainGPT the most advanced AI model designed for Blockchain Technology and Crypto

ChainGPT is the most advanced AI technology in the Blockchain space that can assist you with anything you can think of, and it is free to try.

AI technology is a quickly growing industry with many innovations and amazing solutions that change the way everyone operates. It affects almost every single industry, from writers, illustrators, programmers, educators, search engines, it changed the game forever. Until recently there wasn’t an AI tool for Blockchain and Crypto related topics, but thanks to, now we all do!

ChainGPT has developed an extremely advanced AI model that makes the Blockchain space much easier to maneuver. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a business, developer, trader, researcher, scientist, writer, or just a crypto enthusiast, ChainGPT is the MUST AI tool for you to have. Think about it as having your personal expert in all Crypto & Blockchain related topics, it can assist you with anything within the Blockchain and Crypto space. Some of the use cases pointed out by ChainGPT are: Smart Contracts Development, Risk Management, Market Analysis, Advanced AI Trading, Blockchain Analytics, Code Explainer, Knowledge & Guidance, AI Auditor, Automated Source of News, and there are truly unlimited other use cases that can be applied by using this AI model. You can read more technical, and in-depth research here.

Creating smart-contracts was never easier, with ChainGPT even non-developers can easily create smart-contracts, as easy as: “Hey ChainGPT, write a smart contract of a token called GPT, with a total supply of 10000 tokens.”, and within seconds ChainGPT will provide you with a smart-contract that you’ve asked for. This is just one example out of many applications that this incredible Artificial Intelligence Model has to offer. You can learn more about it on the ChainGPT documentation page:

The beta version of ChainGPT is now live, and It’s free! Try it:

On top of its incredible AI model, the ChainGPT organization has a lot more to offer. Within its ecosystem you will find its utility token $GPT, which backs up the ecosystem. There are many different plans for individuals, developers, and businesses, in which some of them are paid and required payments in $GPT tokens. Other AI tools developed by ChainGPT also require payments in $GPT for their premium plans, and the best part is that $GPT token holders will enjoy 50% of all income from those tools. Thanks to the Burn-Mechanism that ChainGPT created, 50% of all income from the AI tools gets burnt out of the total supply, increasing the value of $GPT tokens for its holders and supporters.

Additionally, ChainGPT has developed a variety of other useful AI tools that are powered by the ChainGPT AI model. Applying some of the featured use-cases they have mentioned into real-life products. Among the other AI tools you can find:

  • Dev Assist: Dev Assist is a browser extension that provides users with a comprehensive understanding of smart-contract interactions. The tool provides a visual representation of the code and its workings, making it easier for developers and non-developers alike to understand how the contracts work.

  • AI Generated News: ChainGPT offers an AI-powered news service that automates the process of generating news articles in the Blockchain and Crypto space. The service is designed to provide users with up-to-date and accurate information about the latest trends and developments in the sector.

  • AI Generated NFTs: AI Generated NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are created based on user prompts, using AI-powered algorithms . These NFTs are unique and can be used for a variety of applications such as digital art, in-game items, and digital collectibles.

  • AI Trading Bot: The AI Trading Bot is an AI-powered trading bot that will automatically analyze market data and make trading decisions on behalf of the user (limited to decentralized exchanges). It is designed to maximize profits while minimizing risks, and is capable of executing trades in a fraction of a second.

In Q2 of 2023, ChainGPT is planning to release its own Blockchain, which is a next-generation virtual machine that offers a unique combination of EVM compatibility and on-chain AI inference. It is designed to enable the development of decentralized AI applications on the blockchain. Truly changing the face of AI technology on the Blockchain forever, creating the ultimate go-to chain for any AI company and developer. In addition, a Layer-2 Blockchain based on zkRollup is also expected to launch during Q2 of 2023. It is designed to enable the scaling of decentralized applications, and AI models on the top of the Layer-1 ChainGPT Blockchain. It utilizes a combination of zero-knowledge proofs and rollup technology to reduce the size of transactions, enabling faster and cheaper transactions on the ChainGPT Blockchain.

Want to invest in the future of Blockchain AI?

ChainGPT still hasn't released its utility token ($GPT), and offers early supporters of its platform a chance to participate in an early sale of its GPT crypto token. Historically, pre-sales / early-sales are the most beneficial entry point for a crypto investment, especially when it comes to a technological innovation such as ChainGPT and its organization.

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