Revolutionizing Teaching Methodology: Get Ready To Learn With TYCHR

TYCHR is a reliable solution for your educational problems, working to develop people's personal and professional integrity in addition to assisting them in achieving academic success.

Tychr has established itself as a reliable solution for all of your local and global educational problems. Our mission and vision at Tychr center around the notions of fostering innovation, closing gaps to strengthen the foundation, and disseminating information in a comprehensive and integrated way. We work to develop student’s personal and professional integrity in addition to assisting them in achieving academic success. Our unwavering commitment to assisting the student community will only help them create a better future for themselves.

We assist. We mold. We develop.

Our Approach

We have created an organized method for our tuition classes and have given the students all the necessary tools. Firstly, we have a section of open, free resources where students can read through our very thorough notes on every chapter of every subject we tutor in.

Additionally, we also use a very structured process that divides each course into a semester. We have divided it over 4 semesters to guarantee a seamless learning process free from pressure. We also have a comprehensive IB syllabus for each subject so the student is fully aware about what is covered. With our students' best interests in mind, we have also put together an extensive collection of IA concepts that will give them a head start in the thinking process.

Lastly, our special teaching approach has worked wonders for our students. Tychr ensures knowledge transfer from an integrated, comprehensive, and cross-disciplinary perspective.

T.E.S.T Methodology

According to us, the sky's the limit and we should work to accomplish the most challenging goals. To guarantee that each student receives the necessary attention, TYCHR’s students get accustomed to a personalized learning environment. We have established our proven T.E.S.T Methodology after analyzing and putting it into practice for over ten years.

T- Theoretical Framework Extensive subject-wise study material for almost every topic in the curriculum is curated for students.

E- Explanatory Videos Students benefit from our in-depth explanation videos to improve their knowledge and supplement their academic base.

S- Strengthening Concepts The student further starts to drill with modular assignments and questions to help practice and furnish their skills and abilities.

T- Time Bound Test Series The student progresses on to handling mock tests under exam-style setups

This is how we’re going to help

A number of issues arise for students during their time in school and when they apply for college. They can be having trouble understanding a few concepts, or they might need to compose a scholarship-winning essay for an application. Tutoring is perhaps the best solution available to help you avoid these potential barriers.

You name your concern, we’re there. We offer a variety of services:

  • IBDP Online Tuition

  • IB MYP Online Tuition

  • Cambridge Online Tuition

  • A-Levels Online Tuition

  • IGCSE Online Tuition

  • AP Online Tuition

  • SAT Online Tuition

  • ACT Online Tuition

  • College Counseling

With the wide array of services we offer from IB to SAT tutoring, we have one more to the list; College counseling. This is your one stop destination for help with college counseling because all our tutors are all graduates or current students from top UK, US & Indian Universities. If you’re unsure, experience a free tutoring session with our top-quality tutors before you decide to get on board!

We’ve seen a lot of people be skeptical about online tutoring. Online tuitions aren’t just an alternative to normal tuition—in many ways, they are superior to face-to-face classes. Let us tell you why:

  • Personalization: Study and learn in smaller groups for personal attention.
  • No commute: Get tutored from the comfort of your home.
  • Learn from the best: Compare and choose the best tutor according to your needs.
  • Always available: Our tutors are readily available for you to get your doubts clarified via text or call.
  • Flexibility: Most tutors are happy to schedule classes on short-notice before the exam if required.

    We have the perfect solution for you right here! All in all, we are committed to serving the global student community as best as we can. In our mission to do so, we ensure to make education as widely accessible and attainable to as many students possible.

    We’re your friend, philosopher and guide for all your educational concerns.

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