Look Out for John Cole, a Natural at Comedy

John Cole

Look out for John Brantley Cole, a future star, who has gained recognition for his performances in TV shows like Scrubs and NCIS.

John Colehas made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his comedic and dramatic talents. 

His years of appearing in comedy films have shown his talents and made him a potential star on the rise. John's skillful acting in comedies have made him a noteworthy emerging actor.

John Cole has demonstrated considerable talent in his performances, which has earned him a good reputation in Hollywood. 

His excellent sense of humor has made him especially attractive in the movie industry. His impressive skill set has firmly established him as an up-and-coming actor.

John Brantley Cole hails from Houston, Texas, where he developed a passion for performing. After graduating, he continued his studies in Santa Fe, New Mexico before relocating to New York City, the beginning of his acting career. 

He began his theater career at David Mamet's Atlantic Theater Company. After touring, John pursued acting which eventually brought him to Los Angeles.

When starting out as an actor, John Cole faced the challenge of a lack of diversity. He had to audition for roles that did not reflect his Asian-American and Pacific Islander identity well. 

However, he was eventually successful in booking roles that portrayed him as a person, rather than simply showing a bunch of common stereotypes about Asian people. 

John is delighted to see an increase in diversity in Hollywood. He is pleased that the Asian community is being represented in a positive light in the entertainment industry.

To quote John, “I was auditioning for stereotypes and characters that did not make the AAPI community look good. Yet I ended up booking great roles that represented me as a human and not just a race. It’s so much better now with more diverse casting and I am happy to be acting during this time in Hollywood.”

John Cole gained knowledge in comedic approaches and was offered the chance to develop his comedy persona. He performed various scenes with a character to gain a better understanding of their backstory, objectives, activities, and comedic potential. 

This actor was taught how to use comedic techniques proficiently, and he was given the opportunity to develop his new comedic persona. John got to try out his character in numerous scenarios, examining its past, motives, behavior, and comedic skills.

John Cole's most recent undertaking is the teen rom-com drama titled Boo Bitch! This funny flick has already been met with great appreciation and positive feedback from viewers. 

He has made several guest appearances on ABC's General Hospital, NBC's Scrubs, ABC's Mistresses, Fox's Dollhouse, NBC's The West Wing, and reoccurring on ABC's Castle. 

Additionally, he held the role of Series Regular in the Pilot, The Doctor on CBS (directed by David Nutter). With such impressive credits, John is sure to make a big impact in Hollywood so stay tuned!

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