Magic5 Swim Goggles Review – The World’s First Custom Swim Goggles

The Magic5 Swim Goggles are the first custom swim goggles for lap swimmers. Here's a look at how they perform in the water based on the experience of a former competitive swimmer.

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise that is not only refreshing but also helps improve cardiovascular health and build muscle strength.

However, for many swimmers, the experience of swimming can be marred by uncomfortable and ineffective swim gear.

Swim goggles, in particular, are essential for protecting the eyes and improving visibility in the water. If you're looking for a reliable and high-quality pair of swim goggles, you may want to consider the Magic5 Swim Goggles.

These goggles are designed to provide superior comfort, visibility, and customization options.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the Magic5 Swim Goggles and evaluate their features, pros, and cons to help you decide if they're the right choice for your next swim.

Let’s dive right in.

What are The Magic5 Swim Goggles?

The Magic5 Swim Goggles are custom swimming goggles with 3D printed lenses that fit to the custom shape of your face.

Unlike other swimming goggles on the market, the Magic5 Swim Goggles are designed to fit properly on your face. The Magic5 swim goggles are designed to provide a leak-free fit without having to resort to overly tightening the head straps.

They were developed by a group of former competitive swimmers and currently have the backing of several elite swimmers, including Olympic gold medalist Matt Grevers and Olympians Zane Groethe and Jeanette Ottesen and triathlete world champion Jan Frodeno.

The Magic5 Swim Goggles—What are the Pros of the Goggles?

Beyond that these are straight-up a great looking set of swim goggles, there are some key performance benefits that I experienced while using the goggles over the course of several weeks of swimming laps at my local pool.

They include:

Custom Fit

The most obvious benefit to the Magic5 goggles is that they are designed to fit your face perfectly.

By scanning your face with the Magic5 app—download the app after you place your order on the Magic5 official website—you can create a 3D model that is used to manufacture the goggles, ensuring a personalized fit that reduces discomfort and leaks.

The face scan is saved to your profile on the app, so when you want to order a new set of swim goggles, it already knows what shape and size to make the lens and gasket.


The Magic5 goggles are more than just fancy technology and snazzy looking lenses—the customized fit means that you have a WAY more comfortable swim goggle experience.

The soft silicone gaskets provide a comfortable, secure fit that won't leave marks on your face.

For swimmers who have a hard time finding that “perfect” goggle fit, the Magic5’s are a welcome change when it comes to comfort.

Shop The Magic5’s full line of swim goggles at their official website here.

Peripheral vision

The lenses of the Magic5 goggles are made from shatterproof polycarbonate, which provides excellent clarity and UV protection.

More importantly, the peripheral vision on the lenses is excellent, providing great vision, whether you are looking straight ahead or to the side.

One of the main issues with swim goggles is limited peripheral vision, which makes it harder to see approaching walls or swimmers, see the pace clock at the side of the pool, or being able to sight properly when swimming in open water.

Added customization

The Magic5 goggles come a “leak free” guarantee, which means you can return the swim goggles if you aren’t jazzed with the goggle performance in the water.

But each set of Magic5 swim goggles also comes with three nose bridge sizes and two strap options, giving you the ability to customize the fit even further to suit your preferences.

Multiple color and tint options

The Magic5 Swim Goggles started out with a single tint—the blue mirrored lens—and have since expanded significantly in their offerings.

They no whae a smoke, clear and several mirrored tints (perfect for outdoor lap pools and open water swimming).

Magic5 also frequently does limited edition colors (like the green goggles pictured above), so be sure to get your hands on the colors of your choice while you can.

Shop The Magic5’s full line of colors and tints at their official website here.

No racoon eyes

The Magic5 swim goggles, unlike your traditional swim goggle, is meant to be worn relatively lightly on the face.

Because the gasket is individualized to the shape of your eye sockets, the goggles don’t need to be jammed into your face to get a leak-free swim.

Beyond the fact that this is just more comfortable, the goggles won’t leave those red, tell-tale marks around the eyes that you were just in the water swimming.

Racoon eyes are nearly completely eliminated because they don’t have to be worn extra tight to not leak in the water.

Eliminate goggle headaches

Swim goggles are awesome as they help you see better in the water, protect your eyes from harsh pool chemicals, and can also serve as a psychological edge when racing in competition by covering your eyes, but for some swimmers, they are a leading cause of headaches in the water.

As someone who frequently got headaches from wearing swim goggles for extended periods of time—1-2 hours, for example—the Magic5 Swim Goggles are a life-saver.

Because they don’t need to be worn tightly, they just “sit” on the skin around the eye socket, they eliminate the painful headaches that arise from wearing swim goggles tightly on the socket for longer swims.

Slim goggle profile

One of the underrated features of the Magic5 goggles, and I’ve seen few people talk about it in their own Magic5 swim goggle reviews across the web, is that these are very low-profile swim goggles.

The benefits of slim goggles lenses are two-fold. First, they generate less resistance against the water. (Every little bit counts!)

And second, because they tuck into the socket so cleanly, they won’t wobble when diving into the water, making them more likely to stay on when starting a swim race.

The Magic5 Swim Goggles – What are the Cons?

Although the Magic5 Swim Goggles are excellent in a multitude of ways, from the comfort to the overall styling of the swim goggles, they are not perfect.

(No swim goggles are, and the Magic5 Swim Goggles are about as close as it gets, but I digress.)

Too pricey for casual swimmers

The main issue with the Magic5 Swim Goggles is that they are too expensive for the very casual lap swimmer.

If you are solely looking for a way to keep water out of your eyes during a casual lap swim at the pool once a month, spending $70-100 for a set of swim goggles doesn’t really make sense.

These swim goggles are not for the sporadic splash and swim—they are designed for the more serious lap swimmer who wants the ultimate in comfort and fit.

Magic5 Swim Goggles Review – Conclusion

Ultimately, the Magic5 Swim Goggles are an excellent choice for swimmers who want the best when it comes to comfort, customization, and performance in the water.

The unique and custom-fit feature of the goggles allow for a more comfortable swim goggle experience, reducing leaks and discomfort, combined with the performance features of a slim-profile and durable goggle.

The Magic5 Swim Goggles are the perfect swim goggle for the swimmer looking for superior performance in the water.

Magic5 Swim Goggles – Where to Buy

The Magic5 Swim Goggles are available exclusively at Magic5’s official website.

Shop the Magic5 Swim Goggles by clicking here today.


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