Working during Blackouts in Ukraine during the war: continuous service by WOW24-7

Working during Blackouts in Ukraine

How does an American Customer Support Outsourcing company manage and maintain a high standard of its operations in current conditions in Ukraine

Blackouts in Ukraine affect all areas. Most services are unavailable during a power outage. But not for the resilient Ukrainians! WOW24-7 continues to work even during blackouts.

Critical infrastructure in Ukraine has been damaged because of terrible and uncontrolled russian attacks that have been going on for a year. Unfortunately, even the largest companies can only sometimes ensure the smooth operation of their services. Firstly, this problem concerns the difficulty of securing a high-quality Internet connection without interruption. Secondly, laptops run out of charge quickly if not plugged into the power source.

How does an American Customer Support Outsourcing company manage and maintain a high standard of its operations in current conditions in Ukraine?

WOW24-7 has a certificate ISO-27001 in accordance with which a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) was developed years before the full-scale Russian aggression. This document includes a clear set of actions in case of different situations that have a probability of interrupting the service. Therefore, the company was ready for unexpected situations even before February 2022.

However, of course, the company management has been revising the guidelines to ensure a reliable service to the customers who have placed their trust in WOW24-7.

Here is what Denys Dubner, CEO of WOW24-7, mentions in his articles:

  • We all have a plan of action if electricity or the Internet gets cut off. Our Customer Support Agents, Key Account Managers, and Team Leads act according to clear instructions, sharing responsibility.
  • We have moved the main servers to Germany. It ensures that a Russian missile reaches no server in Ukraine. Every employee is now connected to a server in a NATO country.
  • Our Customer Support teams are now spread between different countries: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Japan, the UK, the USA, and Canada. It allows us to utilize the backup agents inside every team without a risk of failure. Up to 40% of Customer Support Representatives have temporarily been relocated from Ukraine to other European countries.
  • Hiring Top Players always pays off, during tough times especially. We are proud that we employ specialists who are motivated in any circumstances. In fact, we are observing a counterintuitive effect. Most employees' major KPIs and overall performance are now even higher than before the invasion. I guess focusing on work is an escape mechanism for most of us. So, we focus less on the war zone news and more on supporting our customers with all our dedication.
  • Each team has backup specialists available at all times. At first, during blackouts, we experienced the extremely low quality of the mobile Internet. Speaking to the truth, it was completely absent from time to time. We now have 100% of the agents on duty connected to a live chat where the software constantly monitors the presence of all people needed to be online. If a supervisor sees at least one absence and cannot connect with customer support representatives, a backup agent is automatically brought online within 1-2 minutes. This system functions during both day and night shifts. Yes, this increases our cost of operation. But we are okay with this. We have Service-Level Agreements we must respect in 100% of the cases.
  • Our largest Ukrainian offices in Kyiv and Lviv are now equipped with gasoline power generators, satellite Internet access (Starlink), and 2 additional fiber-optic internet lines. It allows us to provide constant connection stability to the employees round-the-clock.
  • We constantly analyze the current situation and prepare for possible scenarios in advance. For example, we provided our remote agents in Ukraine with additional laptops (2 per employee in total) and high-capacity power banks, so they could work for at least 8 hours each without being connected to electricity.

So, what is the plan now?

Constant data analytics, motivation, fast solutions, professionalism, and well-coordinated team actions allow WOW24-7 to continue to provide reliable services in conditions of maximum unpredictability.

WOW24-7 still handles customer requests 24/7 with top speed and accuracy, constantly working on Business Continuity Plan improvement, and leads a stellar team of heroes.

WOW24-7 #standswithukraine, and you should too.

You may support Ukrainians on a platform “UNITED24” launched by a Ukrainian President in 2022. Please visit to learn more.

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