DeeLance Launches the World's First Fully Decentralized Freelance Network

The platform will give an alternative to centralized freelancing platforms that are marred with challenges.

DeeLance, the world's first fully decentralized freelance network, has announced the launch of its Web3-based platform, which aims to redefine how freelancers connect with potential employers. The comprehensive decentralized platform envisions micro-communities in a metaverse where buyers and sellers of creative works can connect, network, discuss ideas, and form long-term relationships, as well as an NFT marketplace where they can transact using the platform's native token $Dlance.

The digital age has seen millions of people earn their living through online gigs, but centralized freelancing platforms are marred with problems such as exorbitant fees, as high as 30%. DeeLance offers an alternative by eliminating intermediaries and helping freelancers keep more money with the lowest fee on the market, just 2%.

The platform has been designed to ensure bottlenecks don't emerge, which is why it will have an escrow so that employers' funds are safe until the expected work is delivered. Freelancers also have a guarantee of payment for their services thanks to smart contracts, as well as dispute resolution mechanisms in place.

Moreover, freelancers can use the platform's native token, $Dlance, to get paid for their services quickly and avoid commission rates and currency exchange issues. With the integrated NFT feature, buyers get ownership of the piece of work delivered to them by the freelancer.

DeeLance spokesperson said, "DeeLance will completely disrupt the freelancing landscape forever, to the benefit of remote workers across the globe. The platform will make it easy for businesses to find the right talent for their projects and for freelancers to find new clients without giving away exorbitant fees or being at the mercy of centralized platforms that can ban them unjustly at any moment without any justification. We believe that our platform will revolutionize the freelancing and recruitment industry and give a level playing field for hardworking people."

The platform has an interactive interface where freelancers will be able to track their progress on current projects and communicate with their clients. The beta version is expected to launch in the second quarter of this year.

To celebrate their rapidly growing community and presale stage, they are offering four lucky winners a chance to win $100,000 worth of $Dlance. People looking to sign up for their platform and learn more about how they can be eligible for this promotion can visit their website today, as well as read the whitepaper:

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