Sylvox launches New Kitchen TV for Modern Home Cooks

The 15.6-inch Smart Kitchen TV has a range of advanced features, including a 360° maximum rotation angle.

TV brand Sylvox has announced the launch of their 15.6-inch potato series pull-down smart kitchen TV. The smart TV has a 1080P FHD resolution and provides a visual experience from any angle in the kitchen thanks to a 360° maximum rotation angle, 100° maximum pull-down angle enables, and 178° ultra-wide angle of view.

The advanced TV system has an Android 11 system and is equipped with intelligent functions like voice control using Alexa and Google Assistant so cooks can operate it without needing their hands. This helps make the cooking process more convenient and fun, as people can watch videos and stay entertained while preparing meals in the kitchen.

Speaking to the media, a representative for the company said, "Previously, people had to move back and forth between the kitchen and living room to watch their favourite cooking shows or multi-task by following recipes on their phones. Our Kitchen TV solves this problem by providing an enjoyable viewing experience right in the heart of the kitchen. Cooks can now watch YouTube videos while making coffee or watch the morning and evening news while cooking meals for their families”.

Users can stream a variety of media services, including Google Play, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, Pandora, etc. The TV is also equipped with built-in WiFi and comes pre-installed with popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, providing endless entertainment options while cooking.

Other Advanced features of the Potato series kitchen TV include built-in high-quality speakers, touch buttons, and a timer alarm function.

Talking about the durability of the product, the spokesperson continued, "For us, safety is always paramount. That is why our designers place special emphasis on every aspect and have included the IP66 waterproof remote-control feature so people can put it anywhere without worrying about oil stains or water. Moreover, the Safe 12Vpower supply ensures that you can always use it safely in the kitchen.”

The products are easy to install and use, and all people need is a screwdriver to install the fixed bracket at the bottom of the cabinet and simply connect it to WiFi.

People interested in their collection can head over to the Sylvox Official website as well as to Walmart Stores and Amazon Stores in the US as well as in the UK and Germany.

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