New Web3 protocol HexHash has been released to power the future of Credential Data Networks

The protocol will help end the monopoly corporate giants have over user data.

A new Web3 development ecosystem for credential data networks, HexHash has been officially released. The protocol will help developers access customizable Web3 data tools and provide stakeholders benefits of credential data networks.

Talking to the media, a spokesperson for the company said, “The protocol will help users to have complete ownership and control over their own data. This will create flourishing communities as well as better digital products to come into existence. Users get monetary benefits by contributing to the data network and curating digital credentials. There will also be a dedicated crypto community that helps people engage, learn, and nurture the community-focused ecosystem.”

The protocol will help verified HexHash partners to increase growth and engagement by launching dedicated Web3 decentralized apps (DAPPs). Moreover, with these HexHash DAPPs, developers will be able to meet the requirements across different platforms and offer seamless integration.

The spokesperson went on to add, "Web3 has the potential to change the control away from large corporate-owned monopolies that profit off everyone's data and democratize it. HexHash DAPPs are completely community-driven and incorporate tokenization to ensure decentralized decision-making mechanisms. The technology will also eliminate the threats that result from data getting hacked. We believe that our protocol has the potential to completely transform the way data networks are built and managed. We want to help achieve the vision that Satoshi Nakamoto had about a more secure, decentralized, and transparent future."

The platform's primary token, called $HEXH will reward users who contribute to its success and growth as well as ensure smooth governance of the ecosystem. The decisions will be completely community driven and will depend on voting on how to implement new ideas and control treasure funds.

To create a user-friendly experience, a member will be able to keep and display their credentials across different blockchains and wallets with HexHash ID. Additionally, developers can also include personalized features based on their on-chain activity and digital credentials.

The beta version of the protocol will be deployed in the coming few weeks. Developers can contribute to multiple GitHub repositories by heading over to the following link:

People interested in reading about the protocol and its primary token can visit the website today to read their white paper:

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