Rapper Marques has released his New Album 'Journey' for rap and hip-hop fans around the world

The songs take listeners on a musical journey of emotional expression through instrumental tracks.

Rapper and songwriter Marques Spraggs has announced the release of his album, Level Up, featuring a blend of hip-hop and rap music for the fans of the genre.

The album features five tracks that highlight Marques's evolution as a rapper and songwriter over the years. Spraggs, who began recording in his bedroom at the age of 16, chronicled his innermost thoughts and feelings and used this as inspiration for the hard-hitting beats and introspective lyrics on the album. The songs take listeners on a journey of self-discovery through their own experiences and emotions and hope to inspire others to do the same.

The tracks to the album are Pre-Game, Approach, Wind Down, Reconcile, and Journey, and they give listeners food for thought about their own life so they can discover themselves and grow. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar, Marques had been honing his craft for years, and his album highlights his dedication to the art form.

Talking to the media, the rapper said, "I'm excited to release my album for music lovers across the globe. This project has been very close to my heart, and has been working on this project for years. In it, I open up to my audience on a deep and personal level and convey a strong message through the songs. At a time when like face several challenges in their personal and professional sphere, it's important people reconnect with their inner selves and unlock their potential. The album aims to help people with this.”

He went on to add, "My passion for rap and hip-hop music and with my lyrics, I want to inject a refreshing new take in the industry so listeners can keep enjoying them for years to come. I want people to think about music in a new way, to see the potential for storytelling and emotional expression through instrumental tracks”.

The album is available for rap enthusiasts to listen to on his Spotify channel.

People interested in learning more about the artist or his album can visit this website today or follow his social media. 

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About Marques Spraggs

Marques Spraggs is a rapper and songwriter born in 1994 in Morristown. He draws inspiration from artists such as Drake and Kendrick Lamar and hopes to contribute to the music art form over the years.

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