RYI Unity is planning new tech releases to add to its comprehensive block chain ecosystem

Their platform's new offerings include the RYIpay wallet app, Staking protocol called REVU, and Web3 game REVU Elite.

RYI Unity, a fully operating blockchain company, has announced new developments to add to its comprehensive range of product offerings. The ecosystem, which already included a deflationary frictionless yield aggregation protocol as well as a cross-chain Automated Market Maker (AMM) connector, will now also have the mobile asset manager called RYIpay wallet app, which is a decentralized asset management tool for cryptocurrencies that shields users from censorship, confiscation, and inflation. Users will also be able to utilize their decentralized browser to interact with web3 applications. With their product offerings and unique ecosystem, they are empowering other developers to push the DeFi space forward while ensuring security and safety.

The small company, by a few crypto enthusiasts, has come a long way since it first started operations into now a full-service blockchain company employing dozens of the foremost crypto experts in the world. Their team is currently working on new tech releases according to the philosophy laid forth by Satoshi Nakamoto for a truly decentralized internet.

Their extensive Unitydefi decentralized exchange (DEX) has also garnered a lot of attention as of late, with their new state-of-the-art Staking protocol called "REVU". REVU is a Staking-as-a-Self-Service (SAASS) protocol, where any person or any company now has the ability to create their very own cryptocurrency staking pools in minutes, with the NFT option coming very soon. This is a developer-free application and 100% self-automated. This will enable new companies to use Unitydefi as their gateway to developing free staking solutions. This is the first ever SAASS Protocol of its kind and has launched on Binance Smart Chain until the protocol goes multi-chain.

Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to building decentralized applications that leverage the power of blockchain technology. The company has earned a reputation in the blockchain space for creating user-friendly dAPPS that bring real-world value and solve problems.

Talking to the media, its founder Jonathan Wier said, "From day one, our mission has been to build decentralized applications that can help change the world for the better. I still remember when we started from our small office. There were a lot of detractors that doubted us. But we persisted and are proud of the progress we have made over the years. Our team is excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible with block chain technology. We specialize in building decentralized APPS (dAPPS), and with AI coming into the mix we see tremendous growth looking at more applications in the future including finance, healthcare, logistics, and more. We wanted to create an ecosystem that isn't vulnerable to bad actors so DeFi can reach a point of critical mass adoption”.

They recently added independent automatic buyback systems based on volume to Unitydefi, to help the native utility token of the platform RYIU V2 performs better than other coins during economic downturns. This will offer investors greater peace of mind and an alternative to volatile investments. They also recently launched The Revolution Unity (REVU) NFT market which has a robust infrastructure to offer greater security in the multi-billion unique NFT Market.

To take things even further, RYIU has announced they are now entering the Web3 gaming development spectrum. Where development has already begun, and they plan to release their first Mobile app play to earn an NFT based game this quarter. They have brought on top development teams to create a phenomenal user experience where you can download "REVU Elite", an action packed first player shooter game. Users will be able to utilize NFTs in their gaming experience as well as earn real cryptocurrency just for leveling up and completing missions.

He went on to add, “We are passionate about dApps as they are completely decentralized which makes them free from monopoly, interference, and control. This offers greater rewards for users as well as safeguards their privacy. We have also been actively recruiting some of the best experts in the block chain space who are passionate about the work the company is doing. Their tech release is being designed to onboard investment-oriented individuals into a crypto ecosystem seamlessly without any headaches”.

With its continued focus on innovation, the company has big ambitions to become a major player in the block chain market. People interested in learning more can visit their website today and read their whitepaper at: https://ryi-unity.com/.

About the Company

RYI Unity is a fully operating block chain development company that specializes in building decentralized APPS (dAPPS). The company is based in Los Angeles in, California and was started by Jonathan Wier who along with his team are committed to providing innovative solutions that bring value to the crypto space.

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RYI Unity

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