SDVH Releases a Guide On the "10 Best Places to Live in Scotland"

The guide will help both residents and tourists to make informed decisions about where to relocate.

Vehicle rental company, SDVH, has released a new guide highlighting the ‘Top 10 Best Places to Live in Scotland’. The guide is aimed at helping people inside the UK to explore the best locations to live if they are planning to move cities or come to the country from abroad. The report will also be useful for international students who want to come to Scotland for higher education.

The self-drive vehicle hire company provided coverage across the UK and created the guide based on the experience of their staff as well as their interactions with clients. They looked at different factors, including amenities, nearby attractions, accommodation, education, crime rate, and entertainment options.

The guide features a range of locations across Scotland, including stunning islands and bustling towns. Each location has a brief description of what people can expect so they can make an informed decision. It also has statistics that people will find interesting about a different location. According to the firm, the Isle of Bute, Argyll, is the best place to live in Scotland because of the strong sense of community and low crime rate. This is followed by Braemar, Dundee, and Lieth, respectively. They even point out the negative things in the different places on the list. For instance, Stockbridge, which came in fifth place, has an average house price of about £500,000, while Killin, which came in seventh, lacks modern institutions of education and medicine.

Talking to the media, a spokesperson for the car rental company said, "We are excited to release this new guide as we believe that Scotland has some of the most scenic locations in the UK as well as the world. The resource can be valuable for anyone looking to move to Scotland for work or education-related purposes."

People can go through the complete list of the top 10 places for free on the SDVH [Self Drive Vehicle Hire] website. The company also has other guides, such as the best places to live in Edinburgh and Glasgow, on the site:

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