GoBeauty Studios Ukrainian company creates an ideal workspace for beauty professionals

GoBeauty Studios Ukrainian company creates an ideal workspace for beauty professionals

The beginning of the 21st century can be called the time of enjoying comfort. The news feed, like the offer feed, has sparkling headlines: “Comfortable bus to …”, “comfortable sofa”, and “comfortable time”. People quickly get used to everything good, and convenient and do not want to part with such a pleasant concept as “comfort” for a second.

All these innovations have also affected the beauty industry. Few people already want to dye their hair or nails while sitting on a chair in the kitchen, and then inhale the aroma with a chemical aftertaste for a couple of hours. Individual beauty professionals also want privacy and maintain personal boundaries, so they are less likely to receive clients at home and are looking for opportunities to rent their offices. So what should be the ideal office of a specialist who brings beauty to the masses? Definitely with a fresh renovation, pleasing to the eye, a powerful exhaust system, natural lighting, the necessary functional furniture and a washbasin. Professionals sincerely wish to provide services to clients in comfortable studios, because it is about their reputation, which, as you know, are a bad joke.

For example, we can take the Ukrainian company GoBeauty Studios, which was created specifically to make private beauty professionals feel comfortable in rented individual spaces. In Kyiv, the company has already opened 10 locations, as well as in another Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia, the company has started its work and has open locations. GoBeauty Studios are equipped to provide various types of beauty services:

  • Cosmetology and massage

  • Hairdressing services

  • Manicure

  • Brow art and makeup

Each studio is connected to a security system (all residents have 24/7 access to their personal account for the period of signing the contract), has a Wi-fi access point, coffee machine. All this, as well as utility bills, cleaning of the common area, and high-quality round-the-clock support, is included in the price of the space rent. Specialists get complete independence, they can develop their own brand and expand their client base, keeping 100% of the income for themselves.

Also, beauty professionals and clients of GoBeauty Studios have additional benefits. They can use the free GoBeauty mobile app. For specialists, this is the ability to maintain a timetable, control the schedule of bookings, expand the client base, communicate with clients in a special messenger, and accept card payments. For clients, the GoBeauty mobile application as well as a full-fledged website https://gobeauty.space is an easy way to see all individual experts in your city and sign up for services of interest without calls that distract the specialist.

Even during the difficult wartime in Ukraine, GoBeauty Studios did not stop its development and is going to further expand its network of studios both in other cities of the country and, possibly, in other countries.

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Yulia Ublinskykh

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