Rotabull - The Leading Sales Platform for the Aviation Aftermarket Shows Significant Growth Four Consecutive Years

The Rotabull team will be in attendance at the MRO Americas conference in Atlanta

In its four years in the aviation aftermarket space, Rotabull has grown significantly in both its user base and product offering. Rotabull has become a must-have tool for some of the industry’s biggest players, such as AAR, AvAir, TDA, and many more.

Every day, more part sellers and repair stations are utilizing this revolutionary system that saves time and money. Thousands of parts and capabilities are listed, quoted, and sold daily with the help of Rotabull, and many of these interactions happen automatically without the involvement of a salesperson.

Most aircraft part sellers and repair stations use popular listings services such as ILS, PartsBase, the145, SkySelect, and a handful of others. To manage inventory and finances, they often use ERP systems such as Quantum, AvSight, Pentagon, and Smart145. Rotabull integrates with most ERPs and listings services, providing an automated listing experience, an enhanced (10x more efficient) quoting experience, and an easy-to-use invoicing module.

The rate at which Rotabull has been growing is making it incredibly well-positioned to disrupt the industry by providing it with the long-awaited sales software. Rotabull’s CEO and founder Evan Wang says: “We know that the MRO industry has dealt with many challenges over the past several years, from the COVID pandemic putting a stop to most flying to the workforce shortages and inflation we are dealing with today. We think Rotabull can help teams tackle these challenges and are excited that more suppliers and repair shops are choosing to work with us going forward.”

Here is a glimpse of the product:

Automate every aspect of your sales pipeline

Divide and conquer by creating teams and assigning deals

Real-time insights help make better decisions faster

The Rotabull team is a regular at most aviation aftermarket events and you can catch them at MRO Americas in Atlanta this month, followed by CCMA, ACPC, and MRO Europe later this year.

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Rotabull builds systems that make selling aircraft parts and repairs 10x easier by making inventory easily accessible. Rotabull simplifies the mechanics of quoting and closing deals, letting sales teams focus on sales instead of data entry. For more information, visit

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