Revolutionizing Nonprofits: The Mission of NextGen NPO’s

At 46 years old, Ryan Smiley from Valparaiso, Indiana, stands as the Founder and CEO of NextGen NPO’s Consulting Group, LLC.

At 46 years old, Ryan Smiley from Valparaiso, Indiana, stands as the Founder and CEO of NextGen NPO’s Consulting Group, LLC. With over two decades of experience in spearheading large nonprofit organizations, Ryan established NextGen NPO’s to further aid the sector.

Nonprofit organizations address societal issues and assist the public in numerous ways, including youth development, women's shelters, medical research, and animal shelters. Their significance in our communities has only grown over time. Currently, about 1.5 million nonprofits are registered in the United States and 10 million globally.

Unfortunately, it is estimated that merely 50% of all nonprofits succeed; even more concerning, around 30% are expected to shut down within a decade of their inception. Low salaries, insufficient career growth opportunities, and inadequately managed organizations are the primary reasons cited by nonprofit employees for leaving their jobs. Furthermore, of those who plan to resign, one-fourth may not seek another job within the nonprofit sector. Roughly 45% of surveyed nonprofit workers believe they will quit by 2025, signaling high turnover and burnout rates in the industry.

Despite these challenges, nonprofit organizations employ approximately 10% of the U.S. workforce, or about 16 million individuals. This substantial figure contributes to nonprofits accounting for nearly 5.7% of the United States' Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

While nonprofits primarily focus on addressing social problems rather than generating profits, they still require considerable financial support to achieve their goals. NextGen NPO’s aims to help nonprofits maintain relevance, showcase meaningful impact, and attain financial sustainability.

With a demonstrated record of success in guiding and expanding nonprofit organizations, Ryan Smiley believes that too many nonprofits suffer from the status quo, insufficient funding, and subpar leadership from staff and boards, which ultimately leads to failure. He also points out that many nonprofits rely heavily on contributions, but lack essential skills in fundraising, leadership, and business development. The outdated operational models and limited business knowledge of these organizations hinder their ability to scale and create a significant, measurable impact on society.

Although Ryan has exclusively worked for nonprofit organizations, he feels that he can create a greater influence by consulting for nonprofits, CEOs, and boards. "I've always been a servant leader and dedicated my life to helping others. Leading a nonprofit organization has become more challenging than ever before. I've watched the landscape shift throughout my career. Historically, a strong mission with good leadership and strong relationship-building skills was sufficient. Nowadays, you've got to prove your impact with meaningful and quantifiable outcomes in a very competitive and challenging environment." Ryan Smiley, Founder & CEO of NextGen NPO’s, explains, "If I can help save one organization, retain one qualified CEO, revamp one nonprofit business model, which in turn will help so many people through a mission-driven charity, then I'll be successful.”

Nonprofit organizations are undeniably essential to our communities and economy, but they evidently require assistance. NextGen NPO’s may be the consulting firm they need to flourish and thrive.

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